Mind Mapping

Do any of you guys / gals ever mind map?

I have kinda on and off for years, its a pretty god way to get ideas formulated.

I have been using this one recently:

SimpleMind for iOS - Mind Mapping on iPhone and iPad | simplemind

They have a pretty good free version available… for the ipad.

I include that method in a course I teach. Excellent method when attending seminars, etc.

What the heck is “mind mapping”?

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that looks pretty cool, im see if they have it for android

LMGTFY - Let Me Google That For You this explains it.

you would love it

I was doing mind mapping until Apple upgraded the ios map and now I get lost in my mind, or I lose my mind, I dunno which…

I have the magical mind app. Use it once in awhile

Im back in love with Mind Mapping…

saw that one coming

I have started to use something similar to learn a language and it does work and stimulates thinking and memory

I tried Mind Mapping once, but it kept trying to re-route and telling me to make a U-Turn.

Mind mapping rocks!!