How many have minimums? Usually don’t have to worry about this but thinking of putting it in writing. I’d like to see what minimums are for window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter services, and rainflow if you have them.

My minimum is 1.5 times my hourly goal, dependent upon travel distance/time of course.

Mine is $120.

Ours is $125 anything residential and $10 for a store front

Here’s mine:

And yes, I need to update some dates!

Mine is $99 but I’m flexible depending on kind of job, location and some other factors.

That’s a good idea…I like it.

Yeah, I am pretty firm at $150 UNLESS I can fit it in with something else easily. If they have a one story with 10 windows a mile away from where I am at, not a problem. If I need to schedule that for a day in an area I am no where near, not so much.

I personally like jobs to be $150+ or they lose my interest (just my view, this is not advice)

ours is $49.00+trip charge and tax. We get a ton of seniors with two maybe three windows in their appt. can’t see charging them more than that.

I have a friend that has a successful wc biz (mostly high-rise), he charges a minimum of $125 for res. That’s the minimum i’ll be adopting as well. We’ll see how it goes…