Misfits Coming to SF

Misfits / Lonely Kings / Tall Black Girls - Mon. Nov. 17 @ Slim’s.

Tour: http://www.jambase.com/Artists/32833/The-Misfits

The Misfits just played down the Jersey shore with Motorhead. I would have liked to see that.

If you guys are into the misfits did you ever get into Danzig or Samhain?

I’m not into the Misfits; I only posted for Negative Nancy’s sake.

Listened to some Danzig a bit many years ago, when I was in my Pantera phase.

A shame dimebags gone. I went through a 6 year Danzig phase and then moved on to Type O Neg. i am still haunted by the danzig stuff. In high school we had a danzig cover band that was too well known. My band is still asked to do danzig covers 12 years later. I won’t even get into the videos we made lol.

You’ll have to post some here!

Please do!

I’m not super into Danzig. But I like him and I have a lot of his stuff in my itunes and it gets decent play. I do think he has one of the sickest voices ever.

Ever see this?



If I could I would cause it would rank up there with the danzig/shakira video. My computer does not take VHS tapes. lucky for me

That is funny. That dude has an ego the size of the ocean. I always thought it was funny when the one armed drummer from def leopard knocked him out just off stage. John Christ and Errie Von just left him there while def lep played their set.

I never heard of that. Wild.

I guess the story goes that Glen Danzig was talking smack about the whole band and when he was walking off stage said the wrong thing to def lep and the drummer came right up socked him once and layed him out.

That was obviously real.

The Def Leppard one is a myth.
The original story was that Danzig chased the whole band into their dressing room and they refused to come out. I heard that version on the radio.

Reality is much less entertaining.