Mixed bed di tank question

I picked up my first di tank today and have run into a little snare.

The tank will fit upright in my astro van but the fittings culligan gave me stick up like 6 in above the tank.

So im wondering if i could lean the tank at a slight incline to make it fit, or is it completely necessary to keep it at a 90 degree upright angle?

You could lean the tank if you had too, but I would look for new fittings a close nipple and a 90 should do the trick and there is less chance of it tipping over.

right on, thanks man

I had the same problem w/ my tanks from Culligan. I had to take them out of the vehicle to set them up for use. It was quite a pain for a rental tank. I now have a WCR DI tank and couldn’t be happier.

I am researching the WCR DI tanks and wonder;
[]What are the dimensions?
]What is the lifespan of a 1 cubic tank w/ 240 parts per million water source?
[*]How do you get them regenerated?

I want an easy tank set up for Chevy Express Vans so size, securing and ease of handling is important to me.

you can lay the tank on its side or even upside down if you wanted too…

I don’t have the exact dimensions but I know the full cube would fit upright in the back of my dodge Grand Caravan. I personally use the half cube and w/ a TDS that ranges from 150-225 I get approx 20hrs before I need to replace the resin. I get new resin from WCR and replace it myself. The resin for a half cube cost me $100.


I can get you 1/2 cube of new resin for $20.00 plus shipping

This chart shows how much water you can expect to product from a 1/2 cubic foot DI Tank.


Keep in mind this chart is for a 1/2 cubic foot tank. So you will have to double the numbers for a full cubic foot tank.

The full cubic foot tanks stand aprox. 48" high and aprox. 10" across. The 1/2 cubic foot tank stands aprox. 24" high.

Where do you get 1/2 cube for $20? That seems real cheap, is it used?

So are you replacing your resin twice a week? Do you find it cost effective? How much on average do you make from 20 hrs of wfp?

brand new my friend…

I would go back to them and ask them to get you a tank that has fittings that are horizontal as apposed to vertical.

They have them.

We are using the wfp on our really big homes until we upgrade to an RO/DI setup and get something other than a Tucker for residential. Plus now I have a shop area and changing the resin doesn’t have to involve the kitchen table.:wink:

Wow that’s a great price, $80 cheaper then WCR! Where can we get some or are you wholesaling it yourself?

I average almost $125 per hour by myself w/ the wfp when we work the insides together we make $100 per hour together. I’d love to just do outs w/ a wfp all day! Major dollars my friend!

That sounds pretty good, so you could make $1000 a day pretty easy if you have the jobs lined up. Now If I can only get Star Brite Window Cleaning to sell me DI at $20.

So lets say the TDS is at 1000, that gives you 300 gallons. I read on here somewhere that you only need 1/2 gallon per minute. Which would put you at 30 gallons per hour.

Does WCR sell a regulator that allows you to only have 1/2 gallon per minute coming out of the DI tank?

Also is there some sort of shut off valve that can be placed close to the end of the pole so that you can turn the water off as you go from window to window to save water?

Yeah, I keep waiting for Starbrite to tell us that information about the DI resin for $20.00 If it’s true I would possibly buy a tank from WCR instead of renting one from Culligan.

$20.00 to regenerate a tank would be a dream come true. Come on Star Brite! Let us have the info.