Mixing it up, are you doing it?

With all the discussions on fliers, postcards and other types of external
advertising, I’m curious if you are doing anything else to create more sales.

You are likely very aware that the hardest way to get more business is through
external advertising (postcards, fliers, website, yellow pages). It is tough but
obviously necessary.

What else are you doing besides the external stuff? Are you doing anything with
your current clients?

I do not do much other then the traditional. But my wife started a personal training business about 6 months back. She has not done a traditional advertising yet. What she has done is go to PTA events for some private schools here and sponsered them. I will say she is doing a bang up job. She has over 20 clients already. She decided to hit up these schools 1) cause they are private so the people have the $$$. 2) it’s a one stop shop to the purchasing source.
All it took was for one lady to lose a few pounds and word got out at the events. I would presume it would be the same with window cleaning. So this March I’ll be hitting one up.

Ray that may also have the added bonus of landing the windows at the school as well. We have a couple of schools we do in August when we hit the summer slow down.

Nice Ray. It’s worth trying and networking is far better than ‘tradtional’ marketing… it just takes
a little extra effort.

My daughter is going Trick or Treating tonight dressed as a window cleaner. When people ask her what she is dressed as, she is going to hand them a business card and tell them to call…how’s that for original?

I wonder if the $10 bucks I give her for any calls she gets from her flyers had anything to do with it?

I can hear her now, “Call us, we need the money.”

That- is- AWESOME!!! Good for you, I hope you get a ton of calls! :cool:

what are your child labor laws there. lol. We always give a client 3 cards when were done and say if your happy with the job we did we would appreciate it if you would tell a friend, neighbor, golf buddy, at a lunch, at bridge someone at a party. were a small company and to help keep our prices low we really really depend on word of mouth to help us out. we also give a post card listing the additional services we do sun screens, rescreens, hard water shower restoration and glass sealing, roller wheel replacements, ceiling fan cleaning and so on. When we come inside if you have any questions or would like any addtional work done just let us know. These little things add up quickly.

I give my first time clients at least 5 cards and give them the card with the info on my 5 Star Program. When they recommend us to 5 people who hire us to do their windows, we will come and do their outsides for free.

I get to pay off on it every month