Mobile Home Parks

We all have them. It’s a perfect door to door to door campaign in a park that is for seniors 55+.
1)Would you go in with a standard price for all, say $150/ home, and then make adjustments to pricing depending on the dirtiness?
2)Would you do the pricing as individual units? (Bingo night, people talk about what they were charged)
3)Any other ideas on this matter.

I don’t know how you would do in a mobile home park per-say, I do quite a few retirement villages however these are proper homes and all nice and well kept small 2 bedroom little cottage type and i do these for around $150 in/out, they take about an hour. Last time I did 5 all next to each other or across the road, had them done by 1 for an easy day.
As long as they are very similar, price for me remains the same.
All the jobs i do there now are all from referrals.

I have a spot like that, great units. I gave a standard price structure. 2 choices, in and out or exterior only.

I also let them know there is a $100 minimum charge.

Yesterday I did 5 skylights exterior only $12/each and 14 “high windows” in/out $10/each… Tool an hour and half

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts

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I think that might be a little hard for the “tradition Mobile Home” owner to swallow…maybe Im wrong…

last season I did some mobile home washing for less then that and the owners where on the edge with my price and let me tell you my price was Very Reasonable…
(practice/experience purposes)

Here is a few pics I got off the internet of this park. The homes aren’t any older than 15 years.

We have a park similar to yours in our area. The guy who runs the whole park happened to be in my BNI and thats how I got in there. This is what we do. We run a FREE window cleaning drawing April-October. People enter their own names in a bucket at the club house. We go draw a name once a month and will clean their windows for free. It takes us about 20 mins to do. We have landed SO much work off this. People either don’t get drawn or don’t want to wait. For inside and out we charge $80 bucks. With two guys it takes twenty mins. Outside only we charge 70. The trailers in our area seem a little smaller than the pictures posted.

That a really Great Idea Matthew thanks for sharing…

A lot of ours have storms so some double wides are 300+.

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