Modify Rubber

Has anyone ever modified rubber?

I have ran out of rubber and need a quick fix. I’m thinking of cutting an 18inch Pulex hard rubber at the base…to match the same profile of rubber. If all works well and it’s not a pain I might do this instead of ordering rubber because I really enjoy Pulex’s hard rubber…perfect for FL.

Any thoughts or ideas???

I do all the time. I like a certain channel that uses the t-rubber and I prefer the ettore soft. I rigged up a block of wood with two razors in it and I slide the rubber between the razors cutting off the excess rubber. lets me get it into the channel. they don’t really fit but hey, they work. never hurts to expieriment. worse comes to worse you will figure out how not to do it. good luck

could you take a pic and post it?

One thing I have done in the past is thread a 18gauge insulated wire behind the rubber at the bottom of the channel. This helped keep the rubber from moving ‘in and out’ of the channel as much, so a lot less water bleeds through the middle and 2" in from the edges. I stopped doing this though, because it took me to much time and eventually the wire would ride up one of either the top or bottom of the channel in places.

If anyone know how to keep the rubber from moving in and out, Please Post!
I know the simple solution would be to get which I will soon, but I use the backflip quit often.

what squeegees do you use???


buy some end clips to keep it stable.

I’m talking about the middle of the rubber that leaks if I’m not at the right angle, especially from 2" to 4" in from the edge. Maybe I’m the only one this happens to.

So I have now a good system of modifying Pulex hard rubbers for the channel. It only takes like 1 minute to mondify an 18inch. Since Pulex rubbers are a bit thicker than, some soapy water slides it in…with out that, good luck.
I use some hair scissors to cut the rounded base to match a rubber profile…I had some scrap rubber I practiced on first.

Going out to try it :o