Modifying Ettore Backflip handles to fit Slayer channels

Anybody out there tried modifying a Backflip handle to fit Slayer channels? I’ve been toying with different ideas, and the simplest seems to be to buy a super channel handle and removing the quick release hardware and installing it on the Backflip…however I have nowhere locally that sells WC’ing supplies and can’t justify paying S&H for just one handle, only to take it apart and render it useless. An option I’ve been using in the mean time is putting a cone tip on my Contour pro + handle and then shoving it into the slot for the Backflip handle…this works O.K. but it sits a little high above the t-bar which sometimes gets in the way eves and window tops in small confined corners. If anybody has figured out a better way to adapt it, let me know.

You have the right idea w/ the Super system handle quick release. I did that modification to my Ledger handle and now use Slayer channels in it. You might just have to wait till you can do a bigger order and include a Super system handle in it. Of course there might be a wcer on this board that has an old Super system handle they no longer use they could send you for shipping. How about it guys?

I’ve seen other sites that will sell just the back plates, as I’ve looked into this exact mod for myself, but they only sell the back plates for regular wimpy channels. Maybe if we all ban together we can convince wcr to sell us super channel back plates? hugs wcr staff

We have those, they just aren’t listed on the site. ( not everything we have is Yet )

Just drop us a call if you need it. 862 266 0677

Are the backplates different, or is it just the length of the screws?

HiYa! - Actually both - They are slightly different and the screws are longer.