Moerman liquidator: am I doing it wrong?

Just gave my 12 inches a try yesterday. I’ve read the reviews of this device on this site, but nowhere did I read of the problem I’m having: I’ve got to apply over twice the pressure in order to not get a two inch wide streak near the edge of the squeegee. The tips of each side do their job, sure. But if you’ve got to go back and correct anyway’s, whats the point?

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Something is definitely amiss if that’s the result you’re getting. What kind of rubber is in the channel?

stock Morman that came with the channel. perhaps it’s just this one squeegee. it really does seem wrong. I’ve got to drag so hard that the tip of the rubber on the dry side of the wipe drags and rides up on the back of the little blue end cap.

The stock moerman rubber is some of the softest I’ve ever used and should not require but a featherweight pressure to work. There are a handful of things that could give you this issue.

Are you using too much pressure? Try lightening up your touch, to the point of almost zero pressure and see if that fixes the issue.

Is the rubber aligned in the channel properly? The edges of the rubber should reach just up to the outside edges of the blue clips and no farther.

Is your rubber burned from the factory? Try flipping it or replacing it.

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Definitely flip the rubber and see what happens. I recently bought an 18" liquidator that had a nicked rubber right out of the box. Can’t imagine anything technique-related that would leave 2" of water behind.

it sounds to me like the tips are bent forward too much so they are not allowing the rubber to contact until you apply more pressure and flatten out things.


hey cactus27…yeah, that’s exactly what I think. But aren’t these tips mass produced? There shouldn’t be any difference between the ones on my squeegee and any others.

well ya jay but…
firstly i don’t have any yet so this is just what makes sense to me. i have looked at alot of the threads here, UK and you tube vids and it seems to me they are not all exactly the same from the factory and there also seems to be differences in the windows that make them behave differently.
depending on how far forward the tip is bent it would have different effects on the rubber depending on soft/hardness. a harder stiffer rubber will still put some pressure on the glass where a soft one needs more pressure from the channel. there has been a lot of discussion about the best rubber and in general it seems harder is better and supports the too far forward tip theory imho.

I see…okay…this is great info. I’m gonna try to get to the bottom of this. I am happy to report that it DOES eliminate the need for detailing, so it does what they say it should do. I’ll try and adjust mine and report the results. Thanks Cactus27…

Try using ettore rubber…


the tips as they come are too stiffly angled. after a few days of use the plastic flexes ,loses its “shtick” and from then on theyre fine . i found bending the tips so they are less angled in my hand [no tool needed] helps

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you bought a piece of shit, that’s the issue


Thanks for the laugh Dave!

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when you are up a ladder especially, not having to reach over to detail the edgeline any more is the main reason i stay with the moerman liquidator.

I had similar issues with both the stock rubber and ettore. Switched to Black Diamond Hard and it seems to have helped. Easier to change rubbers than the ettore as well.

Make sure you’ve got more slip in your water than normal. Soap up your window and test with straight pulls to dial in the angle to glass. Standard Moerman handle (40°) and it should be pretty much parallel to glass. Unger handles (30°) have to be raised quite a bit. Ettore (35°) fractional raise above parallel…start with really light pressure on all angles and increase fractionally each time to dial in BUT really hard pressure should definitely not be required. Rubber must be cut precisely flush with the tip of the clips.

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You didn’t read the part where it said. " if you do not have a thousand hours of glass time don’t use this devise ".


I’m having this issue, except that no amount of pressure or lack of pressure helps, and it’s the 18". But it basically makes the 18" useless and I have to use my 10" for everything. :confused:

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  1. Is it new, like with the original post? If so, it may need broken in a bit. Try flexing the blue tips a little to see if that helps.

  2. Make sure the blue tips are installed correctly. It’s easy to slide them on and either not have them in the groove or, if the newer style, to not have them pushed on far enough. The new ones have to go on far enough to reach the indent that locks them on.

  3. The rubber also does have to be trimmed and positioned just right. Too short and the plastic touches before the rubber. Too long and the ends mess up the contact of the rest of the rubber.

  4. For what it’s worth, bigger isn’t always better. Frustrated with my poor fanning skills, I started using a 6 inch on everything. Really. Everything. Even large palladium and commercial windows (when not using a pole). Forced me to improve that skill and now I can fan a big window with that nearly as fast and as well as with a larger one.


Thanks, I’ll try adjusting the end clamps and I’ll double check my rubber. :slight_smile: