Monthly cleans like storefronts

I was wondering if anybody or anybody they heard of offers a residential “storefront” like discount for homes really close to them?

I was thinking of just testing it out just to see the different responses, but I wanted to swing it by you buys first.

This is what I was thinking:
Only W.F.P,
exterior only,
only remove first floor screens,
second floor windows that have screens get washed with them on,
any windows over roofs or balconies don’t get washed!

We’re talking like 20 minutes per house including setup.

What are some of the positives?..

What are some of the negatives?..

I see landscapers, pest control, pool men, etc. All others services are very frequent. A window could use an exterior clean each month, just like a pool.

At $30 per house it is cheaper than a landscaping or pool service and you could probably get 1/4 of the neighborhood!

Also, don’t they currently do this over the pond?

I would be worrried that skipping windows like you mention could be looked at as doing a half a$$ed job or incomplete job. I mean clean windows look great but when one or half of a window is dirty it really stands out. I could see all the call backs for " you missed something". Other wise if you had everything stated out and a signature or agreement that this is what you get for the low price it shounds like it may work. The low price would also have to be justified with a few houses in one small area. Also scheduling all the clients to be there at one point to pay may be difficult. just a thought, think you are on to something but working out the kinks needs to be well looked at.

You could have them remove their own screens the night before … just like taking the garbage out. I have not done a monthly regime (good idea though), but I have offered introductory deals to certain neighborhoods where we come in with the wfp (we have them sign up and remove the screens) and their windows are cleaned at an incredible deal. Everyone is happy, and you get call backs. Just make sure your info clearly states the price is a promotional deal so they know it’s discounted :slight_smile:

I do a monthly house route. I charge about half my regular pane price. On only one house do I have to take off the screens and I charge extra. Some customers have all the exterior windows done others just want one floor or one side done depending on the view they prefer.

It would be clearly explained that a hand-clean is this price xxx.xx and it means we take the screens out and do everything (premium package), and the maintenance programs includes these kind of results and these windows (not so premium package) for something a lot more affordable xx.xx

I think many of my clients would prefer keeping the windows cleaner more often instead of obsessive compulsively clean for an arm-a-leg once a year.

If I could explain to them that their yearly cost would be about the same, but now they are enjoying cleaner windows year-round, they might go for it.

Also, they would sign a customer cleaning contract that stated how I would be free to come at my convenience sometime within the month. But I would email them the night before if they wanted me too. That would be easy to set-up in entourage to send out an email to that day’s group with a click of the mouse.

Tony, is that wfp work or is it handwork?

I have many questions for you, so if you wanted to take over the thread with how you set up your route, that would be great! If not, I understand.

I have a nice monthly house route… Most houses ar $75
Takes me 50mins with setup

Is that just exterior? Do you use a WFP? And what’s the response rate for monthly?

That’s ground accessible exterior only, with a WFP. Response rate is ok, more for disposable income folks, doctors-lawers-attorneys-or just rich people. I do a complete interior and exterior every 4-6months at full cost, I don’t give a special deal on full regular cleaning if they use our monthly program.

Right now it’s handwork. I’ll be getting set up to switch it over to wfp no later than summer.
I try to set up monthly cleans when I start a new customer. Usually at the end of the job either they say (or I bring up) it would be great to keep the clean windows longer. That’s when I’ll try to set up a monthly schedule. Be flexible. If they don’t think they need all of them done then offer to do the first floor or the windows w/ the view they like to see every day. You can also offer a bi-monthly or quarterly cleaning.

What’s your minimum charge?

I have some customers w/ a few windows and I get $25. Of course they are in the same neighborhood as several others so no travel time.

Actually, I like this idea. Some people are clean freaks. If you can find them and build a geographically rational route it could be a nice money generator. Try it out, and get back to us with the results. We are all going to be looking for imaginative ways to produce business.

I’ll be doing a tester this week mainly to see if it raises the response rates on my biz. cards and flyers by having “prices from xx.xx”

I just want to stir up curiosity, and if people call inquiring on the price, it’s just a way to get the foot in the door. It’s not deceiptful if I have a package from this price range.

yo Chris i would not do that if i was you.

once you start lowering your prices, you will get yourself in alot of problems.

just stick in there, business will pick up. it has been a really wet winter out here in So cal.

just think of yourself as the home owner, if it is raining everyday or every week, would you want to spend momey on window cleaning???

I sure wouldnt

It is sunny out right now, sooo start making your calls or better yet, and go door to door and get em.

yeah, ur probably right doug.

thanks for keeping me on track,

anytime Kris

and you had me thinking this is a good idea…not lower prices
just different packages for different clients

I agree with Tony here.

I have been cleaning windows 25 years and for some reason when customers would ask, “how often should I have this done?”, I would always answer once or twice a year. After I started reading this forum I realized I could, no wait, I should change that offer. I started offering monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly cleanings of the exterior glass (all of it or the portions they look out the most). I don’t know what it’s up to now, but the first few months, during the winter, I added $3,500 a year. So I say go for it. What’s the worst that could happen? They say “no, once a year is fine.”

Good grief, I just realized this thread was started in '09. How did it go KC?