Monthly cleans like storefronts

…09 lol i know, but it’s a great thread

We currently do monthly houses usually outside only. We charge them commercial pricing. We offer them both options usually after the initial clean. We clean them on our own schedule during the week of such and such usually they will leave us a check, write one when we arrive, or just mail it in when they get home and the invoice is in the door. It is an awesome build to our commercial accounts and helps get us through the winter. It is certainly not for everyone, but the picky people exist we just have to find the best way to appeal to them.

I will be trying this

I actually messed up yesterday talking to a repeat
when he asked me how often, i auto answered 1-2 times per year without thinking, gonna have to beat this into my head, i believe he would have went for this idea, like i was looking on stanley steemer’s commercial and they have 99$ any floor special, so I was thinking I’ll offer a $99 bottom floor special at monthly or quarterly, keeping the windows you always look thru spotless?