Monthly house route setup

I’m in the process of setting up a system to do my monthly houses w/ the WFP. I’m looking at a cart that has an 8gal capacity w/ an on board pump (35psi) and battery (10-12 hr run time). I’ll be keeping my DI tank in the van to make more DI as I need it but will also get some new 5 gal buckets to start out w/ over 20 gal of water.
I know some may say a cart but I do a large neighborhood an I would need to either drag over 1000ft of hose around a couple of streets or setup a dozen times thru the day.
Any suggestions or cautions are welcome.:cool:

Where are all those replies from UK DIY users?

Hi Tony. It really depends on the size and close approxominity of your customers, could you give us some idea, maybe a street pic ?
I live in a rural area and make do with a trolley and backpack the van mount rarely comes out of hibernation, there are situations on my route that mean a van mount would not be the best sytem. I upgraded my push trolley to a converted powered golf trolley, its fast.

There is a small part topic over on another UK forum that you may have to join to read or I could copy and post it over here but it will take time…
I also use the small 35psi flojet pump and silicon type aquarium hose.

The trouble with the English systems is that we try to conserve water most of the time to save going home for a refill! I can usually manage all day on 250L around 60 gallons. I would probably advise to speak to Chris or Alex to make you up a system & you can always add the van mount later. Postage in the UK is really expensive & you may get hammered on import tax & currency exchange currently $2 to 1 pound.
I’ve never had to add a van mount & have always used the trolley due to access problems. I also use 2 to 3 batteries so I can have one on charge ready for the next day.

Hey Tony

As karl said we could make up a system for you. I know you have been talking to Alex…

But back to your original question. I posted over on a European forum figuring we may get a better answer:

[I][SIZE=2]Our standard recommendation would be to have a van-mount system rather than a cart, as the cart would cause a lot more work in the course of a days work.

This way all you would have to do is to pull up outside of each clients house. Open the back of the van reel out your 100m (330ft) microbore hose and work around the house.

Once finished reel up and park outside the next house. This would be the quickest and most stress free method. We started out using a cart and in the end it is just so fiddly and so much hard work.

There are some circumstances that make it feasible, such as a long terrace of houses/shops on a busy street etc. For the average domestic WC this is not a problem.[/SIZE][/I]

[SIZE=2][I]Alex’s answer is spot on, I use a trailer system but there are issues to over come with using one of these.

If your member must use a cart, then from his truck he could every so often drop off some 5 gal containers in his customers gardens along his route, doing it this way he won’t need to keep returning to his truck to refill his containers.

Regards Jeff[/I]

[/SIZE][I][SIZE=2]i saw a post a while ago on this same subject, cant remember who it was, they where from Glasgow, he came up with a working system where his 3 workers used backpack sprayers, this was a very large round, he had 3 spare backpacks, ready filled, he would drive around toping up and replacing the backpacks as and when needed, very similar to jeffs sugestion[/SIZE][/I]

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I’m closing in on getting this idea fleshed out.

We use a 650L van mount in the UK, the thing with many they go for the wrong size van and can only hold a little water, when I got mine I thought about this first and went for more than enough water for one guy to use in a day cleaning residential. I am getting another van asap and may go for a 800L for commercial work but 650l I would say is the right amount for one/two person/persons.