Monthly Residential

Something I recently added and advertise it to all the houses when I’m done cleaning, but I probably need to work on how I advertise it to make the effect better, and so far I have a couple I do monthly and I can really see potential in this.

Does anyone else do monthly Residential???
I do only exterior and it’s larger homes, jobs I usually bring out the WFP and the job is super easy.
I only do accessible windows meaning I don’t go climbing on the roofs. If I cant reach it with my pole I don’t do it, and of course I notify the owner of that and price it accordingly. I did a house that just agreed to do the “monthly” servicing and I’m charging them $75 a mon. and it only took me about 45mins with setup time and that’s using all WFP of course…

I see a merge of Commercial approach to Residential. This might be more focused toward higher-end homes that really have the cash for it. It would be nice to build a sweet route of Residential monthly accounts.

any thoughts?

In England they do it this way. They have residential routes.

I have one home that I do once per month. Not the whole house, just 15 window panes that the maid can’t do. Exterior only and I charge $50 for 1/2 hours work. Luckily it’s 5 mins from my home.

I too would love to know a way to properly market this concept in my territory.

Maybe run a flat rate special in a particular neighborhood.

[B][COLOR=“black”]Face-lift Window Cleaning Special[/COLOR][/B]

[I][COLOR=“black”]“We clean your front exterior windows once per month. You maintain a consistently clear view from the inside while your windows looks immaculate from the outside.”[/COLOR][/I]

[COLOR=“black”]All for the low flat rate of $xx.xx[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“black”]Need any other additional windows done regularly? We’ll design a package to suit your needs [I]and[/I] your budget.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“black”]Call today and get in on this convenient and affordable home maintenance program![/COLOR]

How do they market it in the UK?
Flat rate? what happens when Mrs. Jones has the entire backside of her home made from glass and it’s 15ft?
That’s actually an example of the the house I did yesterday, that’s why I WFP’ed that sucker, super quick.

I’m thinking along the lines of $75-100 an hour. Estimate the time and find your price, that’s how it goes with a full interior and exterior job too.
I think a flat could bite you in the butt.

I too am interested in making an effective way to market this…

Flat rate specials can work. I ran one for the last 2 months in a neighborhood I’m quite familiar with. Got a few takers and averaged $55-65/hr on those. Not great numbers but it got the phone ringing and added clients to my list.

When flyering I skipped houses that I knew were too big for the special.

Mark, how do you know that one of your flyers is not going to end up at the house next door (the one you skipped)?
It might happen

I don’t see any problem in offering a flat rate special and put on the flyer “some restrictions apply” so you don’t get stuck with a losing proposition. It’s done in other industries all the time.

The Marketing Geek

So far I flyer myself. The likely hood of that happening is pretty close to zero. I put them in the mail box (this is allowed in Canada) Unless one neighbour gives the flyer to the other. Worse case scenario, I arrive at the house and discovered they received the flyer somehow by mistake. But I doubt that I would fuss about it. This is an opportunity to gain a client. I can take the hit if it’s not too deep.

I’ve had a monthly residential route for 2 years now. I don’t make as much per hr as I do on a standard clean but it’s close. It’s great for transitioning from commercial to strictly residential because you can keep some income thru the winter. I try to sell the service to my regular customers by asking of there are any exterior windows they would appreciate having a clear view from all year. Usually that’s all it takes to get the ball rolling.