Moss removal and gutter cleaning at its finest!

Restoring this roof went so smoothly. I had two other guys helping me and damn did it make a difference when all three guys are all on the same page working quickly and correctly. I trained my guys up well in my opinion, so it feels good to see them shinning now compared to where they where at when they started.

Awesome dude!

North East Window
Rhode Island, 508 244 9437

thank you

“Oh me, oh my… where is your safety anchor?!?” :eek:
What kind of example are you setting?

Don’t you realize there are people who are planing to start their window/gutter cleaning companies sometime in the near future?

They will assume that you could just walk forward, over the edge, and float down to the ground.
[hence the causation of OSHA’s very existence]

But enough of OSHA’s lipstick kisses to those who are incompetent and have no business in… their business.
(WOW, where did THAT come from?!?)

A lot of you guys use buckets in gutter cleaning.
Do you ever use bags?

To each their own, I only ask because bags seem to conform to the slant of steeper roofs.

  • and I can throw them off when they fill up.

I’m glad you said it. This guy rarely posts anything that is being done in a safe, OSHA friendly manner.

One day they’ll catch on, Google these posts, and write tickets like they were signing autographs.

Not my bank account, not my problem.

Haters will always hate…Im sorry im getting more jobs then you guys and you got nothing else to do but bring people down…

You guys work alone??



I stopped feeling the need to brag about “how many jobs I get” years ago.

you take it as bragging like a true hater does its ok that was expected

You prob never done moss removal in your life or gutters so why don’t you guys stick to what you know…

I know that you might be used to working on smaller homes but this job is actually one of my more simple basic kind of job so there was no need for us to tie off… only in one specific area

Im going to keep posting high quality work. so you guys wanna keep hating go ahead but I wouldn’t put any of my helpers in harms way or make them feel unsafe so as long as they love coming to work and they feel safe then that’s all that matters I don’t have to prove anything to you lames…lol

Relax dude, that roof is totally walkable, I would do that job in my socks.
I was being a smartass.

And I think OSHA is the most…



I like it better having you think I’m a prick.

I thought you have only been around for a few years? Sounds like you’re doing well.

I think he’s been here since I have, so it’s been at least 5-6 years.
And from what I remember, he knew his shit back [B]then[/B].

I respect the hell out of him.

You too brother!