Most effective harness for residential cleaning

Hello, i’ve been cleaning windows for several years now and its time for me to purchase a harness to complete my multiple story residential’s. Which harness set up is the most comfortable and cost effective? Thank you

A rope access harness?

Ditch the harness, get a WFP

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roof work I hope?
a harness isn’t for hanging.
anchors and rope are bigger decisions to think about than cost.

I’m guessing your just trying to be safe on the roof, there’s more to even that than just throwing on a harness.

whatcha doing?

Just cleaning the second and third story windows. It can get pretty dicey though especially when the boot rubber starts to wear thin. Spanish tile is the worst. I need a set up that can secure my safety up on a roof. I’ve fallen a couple times and it really sucks, only cats have 9 lives. Any advice on a good safety set up and boots is appreciated.

What is a wfp? Google is saying that it’s a charity to fight hunger lol

Water fed pole. Sounds like you need one if your dealing with steep roofs or your not sure of your feet. We have all had close moments im sure, but actually falling, especially more than once, is not good. What we do is a great job, but its not worth your life or mobility! @John swore of ladders, and by extension im assuming roofs? Just working with poles is possible, and the watered pole is a great tool. Tons of info on here and youtube.

I sold all my ladders and made sure I would not use one. I also took several falls before doing that. Switch to doing everything with poles. Be safe whatever you decide to do. Harness or special pads that strap to your boots or both for roof walking

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If you’re planning on using a harness just for residential be prepared to install anchor points on all your customers roofs.You’ll also have to get there permission to do so.Do a rope access course as well but i really don’t see the point for residential as its best used on commercial buildings.

Thank you guys for the advice, it looks like I need a water fed pole. Will that increase my insurance? which model would be the most cost effective for a newer business? From what I’ve seen they are quite expensive. I will only need to reach (at max) 3-4 stories high.

Get yourself a good pole no matter what, you’ll be so happy you do.
I don’t care what anyone says, get a DI tank to start.
I use a full cube and my water ranges in hardness a lot.
You don’t need a RO/DI to start… for $1500 (give or take a few bucks) and you’ll have a good pole and a full cube DI tank.
You can use 1/4” air hose for your main hose feed ($60) I have 300 ft on a reel on my truck and then I use the Xero hose to the pole.
Spend the money on a good pole (I can’t emphasize that enough)

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I agree with this so much. If you can afford it, a good pole will pay itself back for sure for most window cleaners. I had the pro basic, then I bought the 3k which allowed me to do a larger job but still wasn’t as stiff as I need, and now I have the destroyer prototype, but the destroyer is stiffer and better, and you better believe as soon as I can afford or land that job where I need the destoryer, ill be placing my order! What people don’t seem to understand is that alot of energy is lost in the bend of the pole, and your having to expend energy to change the inertia of the pole each time you change directions. That really can be tiring on larger buildings! More tired and more movement means working less hours and getting less done in those hours. If I can make 20 or more per hr more due to a better pole, it will pay itself back so fast its a no brainer in my mind. Sorry for the rant, but I guess I agree with you @ProWindowCleaning.