Most effective way to get clients

What is your most effective way to get clients?

Calendar is getting empty, going back to walking up to people at store fronts, businesses etc. Thoughts on door knocking? I hear about it more and more as an effective residential grabber but never done it.

1 door knocking
2 website (good one)
3 groupon

Don’t do Groupon, if time is abundant, then spend time not money. Go door knocking.


We love in person interactions. It helps so much for our area. Also, don’t forget to keep cards on you while performing work. I cannot recall all the times we get jobs by people asking us for numbers while already on a job.

Did you do this on weekdays or weekends? I’m gonna have to just go in on this. I feel door hangers are too passive and gets swept under the rug easily


You have to judge based on signs of life and business. If you walk into a business and you see that they have a rush of customers, that most likely is not a good time. Also, plan on when the sun is at the worst, making it easy to see that they have dirty windows.