Most & Least Productive Months

On average, which month of the year is the most productive? Least? And Why?.. Do you think that your numbers are pretty reliable in planning each coming year or have the numbers proved unpredictable in the past?

For us the Numbers are always predictable. We know June will be the busiest and February will be the slowest. Check out the chart I attached It shows our 7 years in business. The pattern never changes. I am sharing this to show that the numbers are and or can be in fact reliable. You can see the months across the bottom.

I have had this chart from the beginning, I stare at it all day everyday.

I am slowest just after autumn i.e about now.

And at my busiest just before the summer.

I don’t have any fancy chart like chris to show you though :smiley:

Its not that fancy Rob… Actually its starting to fall apart. Card board and Highlighter.

Chris, you are an obsessive business scientist.

Wow. Thx for sharing that…

I’m always deadest in Feb, and busiest in May.

I worked for a large carpet cleaning company, 15 trucks and our numbers were predictable as well. I know it’s not window cleaning but the public does have predictable buying patterns.

Feb. is the slowest. The reasons - In Jan. I do holiday paint removal on commercial, March, the end of the month residentials start up, plus in Feb. it’s cold & I don’t want to be out there anyway.

Busiest is a toss up between May & Oct. because where I am there are a lot of farms just outside the cities, so I have alot of “Post Spud” windows. Right after the spuds go into the ground, and right after harvest.

I don’t have a chart like Chris, but I put all my numbers into an excell spreadsheet. So I can compare from month to month or from year to year; I can compare total income or the amount of jobs, either comercial, residential or construction.

May, June, October are my busiest this year anyhow…lol and my slowest late Jan and Feb

June is usually the busiest, July is a close second or first once in awhile.
Slowest, January and February, but at least some checks come in January from previous billings in December.

Perhaps you could patch it with some yogurt.

nice guys. Thanks for the info… Also, does gutter cleaning or other services besides window cleaning ever boost your profits in the fall and winter?

also, november seems to be a good month for all. Chris’ chart seems to show that. And thats what im hoping for to get out of this october slump.

Yeah we count on November cleanings to get us through the winter. Looks like we are going to be slightly shy of our October rev goal. We are hoping to make it up in November with gutter cleanings. We have about 180 on the schedule so far… So its looking good.

Absolutely. I’ve got three this afternoon.


Busiest Months for us is June/December
Slowest is February
We usually have a lot of gutter cleaning job in January. It looks that way as well this year.

September has the most number of letters; May has the least.

What was the question again?

here is our companies history, well graphically at least. (i dont think i used that word right)

just ignore Jan. we had a large job come through,