Most time efficient wfp?

I have been running excel poles for the last couple of years and it has come time to replace the smaller ones. I like how the excel poles clamp easily and that they can be extended to any desired height. I hated the diameter thickness of the crap ass tubing they came with them (swapped it for tucker tubing). The goose necks were horrible too but angled threaded grey pvc from home cheapo fixed that problem. The brushes were pretty soft, I eventually swapped those piles of shit out for tucker heads too. The 65 foot excel is actually a pretty stiff pole considering the heights I am able to work at but the smaller poles are pretty limp. All in all how quickly I can get them in the air and also quickly they can be adjusted is awesome. After all an extra minute here and there turns into a hour at the end of the day.

I was wondering what you guys are running and how you feel about your equipment. I know it can be hard to knock something that you dropped hard earned cash for, I guess I am hoping for a legit comparison on these different brands. Done by window cleaners.

Come on folks, I just got dumped! gimme something else to think about!

Once you’re in a position that WFP is really paying its way for your business I reckon its worth investing in the very best. The Gardiner Xtreme poles are AMAZING,… so lightweight and still very rigid. Pair one up with an Xtreme brush (About 1/3rd the weight of a Tucker brush) and you’ll work faster, longer, and still go home in the evening feeling less tired.

Tucker brushes are really good though - if it wasn’t for the weight I’d still be using them. I’d rather do 5 strokes with an Xtreme brush than 3 with a Tucker on every window,… you still use less energy and work faster IMO,…


Here is a link to another thread about WFP that might give you some ideas and there are other links in the the thread


it will hopeful get you thinking about other things! :cool: