Most Useful Adjustment

For the new guys on wfp work (I know I’m one) what adaptations to your wfp have you guys made that have been the most useful? Or what adjustment in your technique has saved you the most time?

I think alot of the basic’s really save yourself alot of headaches,proper scrub as well as proper distance truly make a big difference.

Also…the “shake & rinse” is cool when dealing with hydrophobic glass! It s kind of like jiggling the pole on 1/2 the glass at a time to get better coverage as well as the over-all turnout of the window.

Thanks newbie:)

Putting Quick Disconnects on the end of my hose has been the most useful I think. I have not done it yet but zip tying a piece of scrubby pad on the side of my brush also seems like it would be a great idea.

Well…if your talking “trickin out” the pole yes…thats a nice addition as well as losing the “fire hydrant” flowscrews that come standard with primarily tuckers.

I also like the turn key handles in place of the standard ones.

Now…all the custom stuff is one thing but…getting the windows “dialed in” thats really the bottom line!

Just another one of many from the master:D

Biggest time saver for me has been using a short pole on lower levels. Be it a 2’-4’er or a 4’-8’ either way its a huger saver on ground level.

Think about if you are going to do the top frame or not. Touch this & you will have to keep returning to the window or even go round twice. The drips the top frame leave could be the bane of your wfp life. Always do the top row first & work your way down giving time for drips to stop. Also working this way will stop you adjusting height on your pole.

If you are using through head sprays, remember to twist the head angle when rinsing with a twist of the pole & not try to hold the pole off the glass.