Find motivation to be the dust.



“He became a fixture around town riding his Indian motorcycle with a ladder on his shoulders and a bucket dangling from its end.”

Imagine showing up to a job on a motorcycle with a ladder over your shoulders these days - dangling a bucket on the end!

Different world I suppose, but perhaps it shows a difference of outlook. One says I need to have something before I begin and always has the excuse to put off beginning; the other puts a ladder over his shoulders on a motorcycle if need be, and makes a name for himself that lasts beyond his years by striving to excel at what he choses to do.

Always thought it was kinda cool how he started out. Might not be quite the same today, but there’s a lot of successful business people that started out with not a lot more than just the same attitude in the window cleaning profession.


meme’s are motivation?

Not if you can’t see motivation in them.

A t-shirt I own


Where’d you get it? That has got to be the best window cleaners T-shirt I’ve ever seen. I’m a huge Ettore fan so Of course i would like it.

Nice topic

“Be the competition. “

It came as a surprise with an ABC order years ago. It was from an IWCA convention a couple years prior (2004); they must’ve been getting rid of leftovers. I love it :rofl:


This one was from the 2004 IWCA in Dallas - think I got it at some kind of event that a now closed supply company put on in PTLD. Nagels as I recall. Used to have the window cleaning magazine as well. First place I saw one.

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Yep, that’s the same one that I’ve got. IWCA 2004 written on the sleeve.

I was a Junior in highschool when that event happened. They must’ve had a bunch left over ‘cause ABC was still throwing them in with supply orders 2 or 3 years later