my mentor and friend passed away last week. i attended the services today. he took me in 11yrs ago when i was 20, broke, and on probation. after a coupla years i was groomed to buy him out when he retired and six years ago i did. we grossed a million this year and was getting ready to celebrate when he suddenly got sick and passed. he was a real saint. always helping people out and keeping up with them to make sure they werent nodding off so to speak. if it werent for Bill i dont know where or what id be doin right now. i could go on for pages without a break…

William Rand Miller 1940-2008 we love you and we’ll see you when we get there.

My sympathies.

My warmest condolences. To lose a mentor is devastating.

It’s great to have had somebody like in your life.
I feel the same way about my grandmother. I only got to spend about two and a half years with her but when she died, I was more happy to have been able to spend those years with her than I was sad that she was gone.

I am sorry for your lose.

thanks guys. im glad to have known him.

My deepest condolences.


That’s rough. I’m sorry for your loss.

Very sorry for your loss.

Keep doing what he taught you, I think is the best way to honor him.