Moving Day!

WCR is moving into a new warehouse next door to our existing one… We need more space! We are adding an additional 4,000 square feet to stock even more equipment.

This is good news for everyone… More space = WCR being able to buy products in higher quantities effectively bring down the price on everything for us as well as you!

Congratulations my friend! I am ecstatic about your continued success!

Take some pics of the new wharehouse.

Expansion - I know you guys will be bigger than the rest of them one day. Why not buy the pentagon & be done with it?

A live video stream of WCR headquarters would be pretty cool…

Weve been thinking about that…

You need one of those idiotic jumping, clapping emoticons.
/me jumps and claps.

webcams in all the rooms? when the redbull starts to wear down we will know it.

Are you increasing your current inventory or making room for new products? Like eight foot slayers!?:slight_smile:

Did you have to buy the extra house on the adjacent property or did they apportion it for you?