Moving furniture

Curious what everyone else asks of their clients. Being a one man gig I ask clients to move any furniture larger than a love seat away from the windows and to handle anything of significant value them selfs. Do you guys do the same or move everything yourself.

I move it myself or if it is too big to easily move I ask for their assistance. Any fragile knic-knacs I ask them to move ahead of me.

I am a one man operation as well. I posted a thread asking the same question a while back. To give you an idea of how much time can be saved by having the client move knic-knacs like Garry mentioned… I have a client that has so many things to move off of every window sill in her house. I asked to her to move everything off the sills for me because I did not want to break anything. With her doing that for me… I cut 1 1/2 hours off my time at her house. Amazing!

I know of a guy that services a three mile strip of comercial store fronts, he won’t touch anything in the way of the glass. He starts at one end works his way down, then goes back the other way on the other side and makes a living doing such.
If one of my clients had a baby grand that needed to be moved so I could clean a chandelier or skylight above it, I would find some one reliable to do it and charge accordingly.
I think that Chad may agree after spending time with Kevin when I ask:
How do [U]you[/U] want to market your business?
Who do [U]you[/U] want to sell your services to?
You’re only competitor, I think, is yourself.

You are right Dale. There is no such thing as competition. It is a matter of setting yourself apart and creating a memorable experience that your clients will rave about. Be one of a kind.

Ever notice how many different lawn maintenance companies work the same street, block, neighborhood? Competition or different offerings?

Neither I believe its the time the ad was delivered and who’s eyes that certain ad caught.

“I don’t care if you’re 85 yrs old… you don’t expect ME to stretch over that dresser, do ya?!?”

“Lift with your legs,granny.” :rolleyes:

That would be Great route to have…Our down town is about a quarter of that.

He never does a mailing, works out of a small car with no lettering, gets payed on the spot mostly cash.

I agree with you Sweeeeeeeet.