Moving Somewhere Warm During the Winter Months

There are downsides of course but you would just have to tell those kind of people that you can’t do it until next December. For the limited amount of people who will ask, this is not a big enough deal to not do it IMO. I think the reward outweighs that small inconvenience. As for insurance, obviously you would have to work that out with your insurance provider but I’m sure it could be worked out satisfactorily. It would be worth it to get out of the winter climate for me for a few months since I hate the winter so much. Another thing that is a nice advantage is you can probably write off the entire trip from taxes since it is work related. Really your doing it for work purposes because it is so slow in the winter.

Oh man Kurt. I can feel it now.Waking up to 50 degree weather maybe 45 in Jan. I think your Idea rocks. Try it and see how it goes. That’s one way you can find out for sure.

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Christopher, just read this thread. Really sorry. Acts 24:15 says that even the ‘unrighteous’ will get another chance in the resurrection.
Life will go on for you and you’ll do okay.:slight_smile:

Kurt, I take it you don’t have a commercial route or cleaning jobs, or would you have someone take care of them for you?

My father passed 4 years ago two months after my grandfather. I was weird to become the oldest living male in my family that fast. My sympathies on your loss.

I have a very small route of commercial work. About 200 bucks a month actually. This is mainly because I have not had the time to sell commercial because I’ve been pinned down by my day job (telecom engineer). I’m leaving my day job on Feb 27th this month so I can pursue selling commercial. I also need to get a good WFP system going.

I’m thinking about San Diego next winter for a month or so.

I wish Canada had such an option we only having Freezing and Frozen to choose from. I am currently in the same dilemna and I really HATE HATE HATE Winter we already have -10Celcius temps and 7 inches of Snow. Damn you Mother Nature you can be such a bitch at times!

Nice resurrection of an old thread. Man, a lot has changed in the last two and a half years since I posted my last response to this thread.

Still thinking about moving to AZ Kurt? :smiley:


No, but I am going to Florida for three weeks after the holidays. Then going to NOLA for a week. So I guess a one month vacation is pretty cool.