Mr. I don't use a razor

Please help with these 2 window panes…these 2 pieces are layer with paint…what to do?

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Hey John…

Is there a reason why you won’t blade them ?


That’s how I got the first layer off. Im sure Phil would use his WFP (sim pole) .

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I think your being funny right ?

Paint thinner and microfiber ???


heat gun and razor blade

I would use a small 1’ blade for that. I would change the blade often, probably go through 4 blades. Strange how quick they dull.

Waiver signed too, of course.

the paint is on the inside, no?

Yes, that is the interior…

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Dave I bet TSP would get it off,whatcha think?

I bought some TSP today…

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Actually Ken…I think that maybe if one came to the front or side you could maybe get it the way as they’re some times in the center of the main place, you could send things into the area of whatever side there is open, then stay where it can get the evaluation to the exclusive most likely estimate !


I’ll take that as a yes?

This was after the edit, but I’m still just not speaking the same language. I demand a re-edit! :slight_smile:

It’s not really Dange talking, he’s asleep on the couch-- his emoticons are just playing on the computer…

That’s to funny