Mr Sanchez #10 WFP&screens


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Appreciate that Sanchez, (I would of Called you [B]MR[/B]. Sanchez, but I missed the Mustache and Accent too much :D)

This actually works very good, I mentioned it before but we actually did a 7 Building 3 story apartment complex with windows just like that and we did not take a single screen off. Tremendous time saver.


Holy Mole-y

Nice job Sanchez! Killing 2 birds w/ one stone. I like it.

That’s the point: 1. Clean screens, 2. Clean windows

you save time by not having to remove the screen and clean the window and screen in the same shot!

Killer vid. Sanchez’s mustache is now a mole.

Sanchez shaved the mustache and grew a mole! who would have thunk it?

I got a question. I can see how the screen would touch the glass in the middle where there’s some play in the screen - but how does the screen touch the glass around the edges?

Depending on the frame material it will flex some. Not necessarily at the corners though. For that reason I’d give it a more thorough scrub and rinse in the corners. If the windows are maintained then it whould be OK. Of course if they are hammered then I’d do the first cleaning nose to glass. Then follow w/ the Sanchez method!:wink:

there’s a reason you can only do it with 2-2 1/2 inches of space between the glass and screen…anymore than that and you can’t get it right. Once the you clean the screen then you go back and apply a good amount of pressure on the screen. you should be able to get the corners and the top with the play in screen; if not, then the window is too far from the window.

The key is plenty of flushing and good pressure.

And screens in good condition as well!:wink:

No disrespect towards Mr. Sanchez intended. But I would never try to “cut corners” by attempting to water fed pole the screen and the window at the same time. You cannot get brush to glass all around the frame of the window.

Take the screen off and wash the window.

The concept of cleaning through screens was in no way meant to ‘cut corners’. The idea hit ME (not Sanchez) when i was doing some windows on a condo, beach-side wherein the screens had been screwed into place by a home owner who had grown tired of the noise generated by wind and lose screens.

The owner and I agreed to try the method. It worked.

No one on the video or in print after suggested using it as ‘cutting corners’ and the suggestion is absurd.

Matt (Sanchez) and I spoke, at length, about when and why to use the method and how to explain it to the client.
I always explain to the custy that if you want a perfect A, then you need me to climb a ladder and remove…the price difference is X…

I, for one, enjoy having options. So do my clients.

It falls under the same catagory as whether or not (pun intended) you dry brush screens or wash them. Some of us offer a choice to the customer while others only offer the total package. Which is wrong? Neither. Is one method cutting corners if it’s what the customer has chosen? No.

I get customer preference. The main reason I posted on this one was to point out to the new guys that have never used a water fed pole that using a water fed pole to clean a window through a screen is not recommended by me. By saying that I’m not in anyway saying I have all the answers. It is my opinion and as I stated when I posted it, no disrespect was intended.

Ask Troy Liposec what he thinks about doing it this way?

Troy is welcome to stop by and reply as is anyone.

I just wanted to clear up the notion about to ‘cut corners’. It was not. It was simply a video Matt posted (who by the way is still very very new to wfp work) about how it can be done. Not how it SHOULD be done.

I am stunned he made the video within the first week of learning the method.

The video may have been a bad idea for the reasons Dwight mentions. But the video certainly was not meant to suggest skimping on quality.

if we are going to focus on the issue of corners cutting…why even use wfp work?

To be honest Phil, I am no different than anyone else. If the customer wanted it done that way, I would do it.

I just see all the newbies that fly through here and wanted to point that out.

Nice video. The time that window cleaners associated with this group continue to take out of their busy schedules to help window cleaners is very appreciated.

That said. When I watch this video I am under the impression that the top of the screen is damaged in the process. Does the mesh material not come out of the frame/spline at the top of the screen in this particular instance?

Looks to me as it might. This is the biggest reason I am hesitant to do things this way.

Good question Shawn.

Back when I wanted to try this I spent some time chating it up with Craig. he had been very clear that this method can and will stretch the screen or spline so care must be taken. I also was very deligent with that issue with Matt…that was left off of the video.

However, I have another client with screens that can no longer be removed now that shutters have been installed. The frames that hold the shutters are in the way.

I discussed the method w/her and she knew the possible risk. Things turned out fine.

I gave the idea to Matt who then made a video…I am unclear why. However, it is, as discussed by Dwight, not the best method available but…B-U-T it is a tool.

I explained in depth with Matt how it can stretch the screen…but once the spline/screen has been worn for a year or os here in our sun, they are stretched anyway.

I regret giving the idea…had I known it would have been a video…I would not have done so. Mainly since the most important things were left off.

My point here is the idea was NOT meant to cut corners but was a solution to an issue I had at the time.

please watch the video and use the info accordingly. I am hesitant to give out more info now. This has happened twice.

It was not my intention to bust your chops bud.

Cleaning the glass through the screen can be done, but the results are not going to be perfect if you are doing your best not to damage the screens.

The way I have seen it done is with fan jets. This hits the glass behind the screens with a nice big thrust of water and does a fairly good job. There is no scrubbing of the glass in this process and therefor you will not get perfect results.

I reserve this option for commercial jobs where they dont want the screens removed due to cost. In these situations I would suggest a waiver that says you are not liable for the screens if they become damaged in the process.