Mr Sanchez #10 WFP&screens

My chops were not busted bro.
You sell it the way I do…

I agree with Dwight (for a change) that newbies should not be exposed to the idea without understanding the possible damage.

But cutting corners is one thing that was not on MY table when Matt asked me about it.

After viewing the video I suddenly said to myself…I would never WFP windows through a screen. I would rather get on a ladder and get up there and take the screens down instead of risking tearing up the screens just for a so so WFP thru screen cleaning.

With that said, there are some good points brought up in this thread that sometimes WFP’ing thru screens is a viable method of cleaning glass where screens cannot be removed. After all, if the screens cannot be removed (for whatever reason) the glass cannot even be scrubbed with a T-bar then squeegeed.

So this method is a great tool in certain situations as an alternative to not cleaning the glass at all. I agree that the customer should be in agreement and a waiver should be signed concerning damage to screens.

I think Matt did a good job in the video. But we should all be made aware that this method should be used only as an alternative method when screens cannot be removed, or in the event a customer agrees to this method over the higher cost of removing numerous screens.

So Matt’s video has great value. The WFP’ing thru screens demo has been presented to us and as a result, we’ve all gotten great advice as to which situations this method is a good alternative.

This video was not made to show you a better way of WFP or the method that should be done…not at all…

This is simply a informational video to better equip you. The more methods you know and knowledge you acquire to over come any and all obstacles will make your business more profitable…agreed?

So again: Disclaimer* This is simply an informational video for self knowledge.

I have found this method very useful to me in the short time I’ve used it and thought I would like to share this method to other people.

Not to worry Matt. It’s all about information. Also a little live and learn. We’re all new to the video thing and I know you can’t cover every possible way someone could misinterpret the info. No harm in my opinion!:wink: