Mr. Sanchez#11 Doors


[SIZE=5][B]Scrubbers and T Bars Available Here![/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=5][B]Squeegees, Channels, Handles Available Here![/B][/SIZE]


You guys make me laugh :smiley:

Awesome technique! I’m gonna try it on the next patio door I encounter.Did Uncle Phil give you a band aid for your hand? I hate hitting those handles, it really smarts.:mad:

Cool!!! That’s the “Oompa Loompa” technique that I learned from Joel Andrews DVD entitled “Window Cleaning Techniques”. It works on tall narrow windows too. Really a great technique!!!

I enjoyed the video.

[I]Good stuff Mang![/I]

A variation I do sometimes is, after the first pull down I just stand back up then straight pull the left side down making sure the right side of the squeegee is angled down to prevent a streak line.

Like others have said, you guys make me laugh. :smiley:

Nice tatt on your arm, Is that a sorbo

I’ve watched “the impalement” about 10 times. When Phil starts to laugh, I lose it…everytime.

oh, and thanks for the technique too.

Geez! you guys have too much fun down in Florida.
How cold was it that day?
I learned that technique a decade ago. We called the “Avalanche”

Only watched it twice now but diddo. (that sounds funny to me:D)

Thanks guys

Too cold for flip flops? What was it, like 60? BURRRRR.

I have been using that method for years, works great and can be used on just plain old windows also! Good video guys.

yeah, I think it was in the 60º’s… HEY, Floridians have a different body structures.

I think I could adapt.

All the old people do:D

Last weekend I searched for vids showing how to clean glass doors. Saw some pretty funny stuff, but not what I was looking for. Thanks, this video helped for the future practices. I did get my sliding glass doors cleaned to perfection however, using the fanning technique. I can certainly see how the method you shared cuts down on that time, and it was entertaining too! :slight_smile:

Joie N. CA

I love that technique, I started doing it about four months ago and its a real time saver. I didn’t know if it had a name so I thought I would call it the ‘Silly Snake’.:smiley: