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Great video! Another problem solved by the one and only Mr. Sanchez. Is the red rubber Wagtail rubber? How is it working out? I use Ettore.

I really like this video. Mike that is Wagtail rubber… I just tossed on FREE one in with your recent order… so you can try it out… Its pretty good, lasts long.

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I was thinking oh no :eek: I just ordered more Ettore rubber when I watched the video, because I suddenly realized you guys carry Wagtail. Something I’ve been meaning to try for some time now. My old supplier doesn’t carry Wagtail. Anyway… Thanks for sending out that sample. WCR rocks… always thinking!:cool:[/FONT][/COLOR]

Great tip Matt! Was that Uncle Phil the cameraman?

Phil doesn’t post anymore but he works the camera ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Having problems with nicks & wearing down of the wagtail rubber of late, perhaps it doesn’t like cold?

Great tip there Mr.Sanchez! I kind of discovered that on my own but while I was closing out the bottom. Works either way. :slight_smile:

Yes it is WagTail rubber…great stuff…It works great in mild to humid/hot conditions. It works fine in cool areas too. It’s a medium hard rubber with a very grainy texture, it feels like it was made to take a beating…and yes they last long.

ALSO the rubber (Wagtail) will let you know when it is burnt out. Rubber wears out over time. At first it slides like astroglide is on it, then you notice yourself applying more and more and then a lot of pressure for the same result…
Wagtial rubber will go a while and then all of a sudden it becomes a pain to squeegee with…it’s like it locks up and is beyond use.
I have been using the same piece of Wagtial for about 1.5 days and mid day today it locked up and died.

Buy it, great stuff

I haven’t had to buy rubber in a while because i stocked up but i buy the 3meter roll and cut it up.


The larger the squeegee is, the more angle you need to take while anchoring the frame when closing to Zero.

This tool DOES NOT make you a good window cleaner by no means at all, BUT I believe every good window cleaner should have this tool…at least keep one in the truck. Previous models of the Contour had a few issues. I personally called Ettore and asked them about it. One issue was the Zero lock was made of crappy plastic (Fixed with ABS plastic now). The second was a spring issue, now fixed.

I think Ettore is on the right path to making some awesome tools.

you need to give this tool some grace.
The first day you run with this tool you will not enjoy it too much. (DON’T KICK THIS TOOL TO THE CURB OVER ONE DAY CRY BABY). Takes more dexterity and control. You’re hand will get more tired trying to master the Zero control mechanism. You are using different muscles in the wrist to control it.
After two days you should have the concept and understanding of it. Just like learning to do the Swirl method, this tool once mastered can be a HUGE time saver. After three-four days your wrist is used to the control and understands the angle it must use to not get fatigued.

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I like the contour handle for special situations where I need the unique features, but I prefer a standard handle 95% of the time.[B] I carry one contour handle with a small 5 inch channel on it.[/B] I use it to squeegee the bottom 2 inches on some transoms all day long; on route work. Occasionally I slip a larger channel in when necessary. Because, I think the spring tension is too light for my liking.[/FONT][/COLOR]

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I finally went out and bought some goodies today one of them being the contour pro handle. WOW! What a nice handle. After completing one house job, I felt comfortable with it. My first couple of windows I noticed the “skipping/ chattering” Matt mentioned in his video. I’ve used it a little on pole work today but no enough to mention the pro and cons about the handle. Pretty sweet tool, lets see how well it holds up over time. I wanted to buy the SLAYER channels but now I’m having fun with Ettore all over again! =)

That’s, my two cents.

You could get the Contour for wide channels! I love the look of the crimson red Slayer channel in my black Contour handle! It rocks hard!

I’ll have to check that out. Thanks.