Mr Sanchez 3 Detailing


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Thanks for another video. When are the Mr. Sanchez T-shirts coming out!!!

Good video. Very…um…ah…detailed! :smiley:


I’d like to request some Mr. Bungle

I’m kinda glad someone squeaked that cheese ball remark in there:D

My favorite part was when he dropped the sponge, and didn’t even miss a beat. Very professional.:slight_smile:

Great video.

[FONT=Verdana]Mr. Sanchez…a true professional. Always something new to learn from your videos. I like the way you fold the towel for pole detailing. Thanks.[/FONT]

gosh my butt looks fat mang…no more refried beans!

Find a spot that makes 'em without lard, esé. (sorry; I grew up in San Jose…)

Nice tips as usual Sanchez! Hey did anyone else notice that he said doodoo?:smiley: