Mr Sanchez 7 Scrim 2


[SIZE=5][B]Scrim Available Here![/B][/SIZE]

[LEFT]Uncle Phil Sanchez

That was funny :smiley:

Phil - you look like an arab in the above frozen YouTube pic. Are you bartering?

Good stuff.

Is the video supposed to be 9 minutes b/c the last 5 minutes were pretty dull. haha

I cant watch you guys without smilin


Man Sanchez uncle Phil’s stache looks somehow very familiar! Nice job guys.

I enjoyed this video! Hey, Mr. Sanchez and Mr. Uncle Phil, PM me your home addresses. I’m going to send each of you a small “scrim” oriented gift in appreciation for turning me on to the best detailing and pick up tools I’ve ever had. I’m really diggin’ my scrims and synthetic chammy. They’re very convenient, time saving, compact (compared to all those hucks), perform well, and they’re cool like you two wild and crazy guys.

I’ve been leaving my hucks in the truck since I got the synthetic chammy & scrims. If I run into a gig with extremely dirty & grimey frames I may use hucks or bar rags to clean the frames and/or sills but for regular everyday work the scrim & chammy is it for me.

I’ve really enjoyed watching the videos and all this nonsense as well as the serious talk about the now FAMOUS scrim.

Hope you guys have a great Christmas!

Couldn’t resist it…

although not very educational, the video was fun to make. The idea really was to have some fun…there was meant to be more real educational stuff but time got away, Matt went to MS and somehow…this was the result.

Thanks for allowing us to just have some grins.
We do have a lot more good stuff on tap.

safe Restore video, foaming frenchies and much more.

Is it just me, or does Phil look like Craig in cap, sunglasses, and 'stache?

Just you. I am much better looking than Craig.

I’m already waiting to see this !!!

coming soon…

This makes me wanna dig out my scrim… and a cold beer.

It’s about ****ing time!

what a waste of my time

but only 2 1/2 minutes

The guys who love using full size scrims keep telling the rest of us to keep using the scrim until we love it! It’s almost belligerent the way they harp on us with posts about the wonderfullness of scrim as if it’s a religion or something.

Anyway I’m one of them now. HaHa

I cut mine in half. Guess that makes me a Scrim disturber!

Hey Mark
A half scrim isn’t even half as good as a whole scrim. :wink:

successful brainwashing, lol :wink: