Mr Sanchez #8 Frenchies




AHHHHHH… That was a fun video. Informative too. Thanks for keeping your clothes on. THANK YOU so much for that.

Great Video! Thanks for putting all those videos up. Very Informative!

“you ever window cleaned before? you ever window cleaned…on weeed?”

crazyness guys, cool though, good vid!

Great tip to deal with those [I]dirty frenchies![/I]

That was cool.
I’m using Spray Way, used before while working at a glass shop and it was good but never thought on using it “professionaly”.

About labeling, I was thinking about getting some cheap vinyl, solid color and wrap the bottle so people don’t see what we’re using. If they see it they would think that they can do it themselves taking work away from me.

Good video guys

How many french doors …15 pane… doors can you do with one bottle? How much do each bottle usually cost?

r carry the cleaner.

I can do about 15 doors and the cost is about 3-4 bucks a can local. Much cheaper when bought by the case.

The label peals off easy enough.

Great stuff guys! Now all we have to do is wait for Chris to do the legwork for us on the custom can situation.

Did I wait long enough?

How about now?:wink:

It is in the works…

way funny! I like the hidden section at the end. It’s like tickle me elmo

Thank you! You are Da Man!

Tickle me Philmo?:wink:

great vid, im all over that foam cleaner.

Go back and watch the video again. But this time watch as I spray the foam on…a few seconds later on the two right hand side panes, you can see where the foam starts to seperate…that is where greasy finger prints WERE.

Had I been on my game I would have pointed out what was happening there. That ‘sign’ tells me I need more foam. Instead, I ended up having to buff out the marks.

Now, what you do not see is where Sanchez had wiped his hair (hair goo) then wiped the panes.

The finger prints are not showing up well on the video BUT they were T-R-A-S-H-E-D from Matts hair.

Nice job, guys!

Wow! Dead and Suicidal on the same video – thanks!

BTW, I buy my ammonia-free foaming glass cleaner at Home Depot – Sprayway (Addison, IL) – for $2.38 per can.

Man you guys are funny. I wished there was a reflection or something to see what Mr. Sanchez is doing to make Uncle Phil laugh while he’s filming… reminds me of that scene from Anchor Man.

I hope your both in Atlanta next month.

Good find there Larry, thanks!

that’s a good price