Mr. Sanchez #9 Screens




Nice Job Sanchez. I’m diggin the real stach piece.

I might go get that paint tool. I’ve been using the vaughan mini bar from home depot and I like i a lot.

Awesome segment Mr. Sanchez.

I’ve been using a 2in putty knife to open screens. I think I’ll try the paint can opener.

Ever notice how easily those little tabs break off? If I have to remove the screens from the inside I try to push against the screens springs then push the corners out without having to touch the tabs.

Good stuff Mr. Sanchez.

[B][I][COLOR=“black”]“Can’t you hear me knockin?”[/COLOR][/I][/B]

Nice. I enjoyed the opening from Motion City Soundtrack…good taste!

I took a crazy pill two years ago and took my daughter and a carload of her friends to a concert where MCT was on the bill.

I’ve never seen/heard so many high-pitched, screaming tweens and teens in my life.

BTW, I use twin 1.5" flexible putty knives for screens (they usually also work on security screens.) I keep a paint can opener with me as well, though it can scratch or bend painted screen frames on occasion. I like the thinness of the putty knives.

what a pain

Good job Sanchez! Love the goatee!:wink:
I hate security screens (an oxymoron if ever there was one). Been using the paint can opener for years now and wouldn’t be w/out it.

Oh no…I think I saw them before they were that popular b/c there were no screaming tweens at all. I hate it when a cool band gets labeled pop b/c they get put on trl or something stupid like that. Fall Out Boy used to be ok until they made it, sound totally changed.

MCT, b/c, trl :confused:

vaughan mini bar all the way for me.
Can opener works also.