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Hi, my name is Squiigii Yewinder of Mr. Squiigii Cleaning Services. Visit Squiigii at window cleaning columbus ga on Google. Give Squiigii a call at 706-442-8209. Or email Squiigii at And remember, Mr. Squiigii goes the extra mile to see you smile!


Welcome to WCR!

Welcome to WCR. This will be a great resource for you!

Welcome from one Mr Squeegee to another!

Welcome aboard

is that really your first name?

Come on now, Benjamin :slight_smile:

Tell us more about you. This is a great place to get the scoop on all things window cleaning.

Thanks y’all!! Yes Squiigii Yewinder is my trademark name. My Real name is Benjamin but all my friends call me Squiigii. I also plan on service marking Mr. Squiigii. Which means I am the “only” Mr. Squiigii in the world! That’s definite competition with all the other Mr. Squeegees in the country.

Welcome Benjamin. Hope you find WCR to be a useful tool.

If you don’t find WCR to be a useful tool, then you’re not a window cleaner :slight_smile:

I have been in business since October of this year. Thats only two months but i have researched this market for at least six months before jumping head first in to it. I have had my million dollar insurance policy for under a month. I now have twenty monthly store fronts at $20 per store. Its not much but it is growing. I am waiting to continue my door to door sales after the holidays when everyone is in a much better mood since they will have plenty of money. Five of my stores are corporate contracts. They just seem to call out of the blue, no cards or fliers were sent to these businesses.

Dont forget to check out my fan page Mr. Squiigii on Facebook. And you can become a friend of Mr. Squiigii at Squiigii Yewinder on Facebook.

welcome :slight_smile:

Just got my website fully functional, including email contact form and a section for comments and reviews. Oh and dont forget to click the like button. Ben Hanks 706-442-8209 Mr. Squiigii Window Services

Nice tagline, Benjamin. Smart to incorporate a rhyme to make a valuable hook and tap into some processing fluency.

Thanks Paneless!! I like it too! Now check out the new signature and website complete with paypal!

I like the rhyme… Unfortunately your website is built with Adobe Flush, which completely renders it useless on my iPhone, so I can’t really check it out.

Thats why u need the 4g phone with android os.

Introduction video is up on website under"About Us"!

Welcome aboard …