My customer called me

Monday I did a job while my customer was at work. Last night he called to apologize for not calling Monday night because he got home late. However, he now is able to see the job I did and he said, “Wow! Great Job, thank you so much! I will be telling everyone about you!”

Just had to brag a bit, as you know I am a newbie, but like I’ve said, though I am slower and trip over my own lack of experience, quality I do guarantee!

Thanks to all for your support!
Joie ~ N. CA

Awesome job Joie!! Congrats!

Great to hear the good news. Quality first will win new customers. I think referral customers are always the best because they trust me before I even meet them. Sometimes they don’t even want me to bid, just give them a date for cleaning. I mention speed a lot when I post. It’s very very important, but not as important as quality.

Great Joie!! It feels good when a customer praises your work and Mike is right quality will allways get you more customers, Keep up the good work.:slight_smile:

Way to Go Joie!!! Make’m Sparkle. I’m glad you don’t service Dallas.

Good job Joie. Now it is time to work on the referrals. Send the customer a Thank You card . Be proactive . Congrats:cool:

Awesome, Joie!
You’re on course- quality first, and the speed will come.

Well done Joie!

Way to go Joie! Quality first will equal success.
My people get so tired of hearing me say [QUOTE][/QUOTE]Detail, Detail, Detail those windows! And don’t forget to wipe the sills.


Congrats ! :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone! I forgot to tell you … he also said, “Make sure you remind me of when I need the next cleaning so we can get that scheduled!”

Joie ~ N. CA