My Dad

I do not recall if I alerted everyone here or not.

We found out my dad (84) has prostate cancer a few weeks back. It was a shock too since the tests were showing a mild ‘maybe’. His Dr. thought it wise to ‘probe’. We all had a chat and decided it might be smart to have that probe.

Turns out he had it and it is the fast growing kind as well as the no-so-fast kind.

He was given several options for treatment. again we chatted and decided for the on Dr. suggested.

25 lazor-type radiations beams. One a day 5 days a week for 5 weeks. Then a two week break and the radiation seed(s) implants.

None of this was fun for Dad. Somebody is always putting things in places us men prefer left the hell alone. (most of us anyway)

So, yesterday they do the surgery. He is fine and in recovery. They expect him to be home later today with several days of moaning and recovery.

My post has two points:

  1. Dad (mine) is well.

  2. This cancer used to kill men because there was nothing that could be done. Had Dad decided NOT to do what is suggested…he would be dieing and no would would have know until too late.

Men…have your check ups.

Glad to hear he is recovering.

Glad he is well Phil… I am relieved when I saw the title of your post I thought we were about to hear horrible news.

We wish him a speedy recovery :slight_smile:

Good advice for all of us guy’s to get checked out


Glad to hear your father is recovering. This sumer will mark six years that I lost my father to lung cancer and I know what it’s like to see a family member go through this. I wish you, your family and your dad the best!!


I had no idea.

Thanks for sharing (really) and the important reminder.

Hoping for your dad’s speedy recovery.

I lost mine four years ago to a heart attack; he was one month shy of 82. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him…

I bet. I can only imagine what life will/wold be like without my Dad.

Enjoy every day you can with him Phil

I am very happy to hear he is better

Thanks Paul. Your recent history has reminded me to do just that.

Glad you stopped by today bro. We all miss and wish you well. I hope you know that.

Hi CFP! My sincere condolences on your loss my friend.
I lost my mother last month and dad 2 years ago. They were both just into their 60’s. Dad had a rare form of Leukemia. I spent many times at the hospital for his bone marrow biopsies and after all that there was nothing they could do.
I’ve learned to appreciate every day you have w/ those you love. Glad to hear about the good prognosis on your dad Phil!

Phil, I’m also glad to hear that your Dad is well. I feel so fortunate that my 75 yr old Dad is still going strong. If he had not gotten those check-ups that you mentioned, he would not be alive today.

Thanks for reminding us to get the check-ups too!

Check ups are always a great idea. As a cancer survivor myself I can say that a routine check up saved my life.

Phil, that seed treatment worked wonderfully for a friend’s dad.

Glad to hear that he’s doing well.

My Dad just had the same - came out of hospital on the 2nd December - he’s doing fine. We had to get the seeds sent from the US, no other country in the world does this!

Good trade. Scrim for ‘seed’.

Just make sure your “Doctor” is not a window cleaner. :slight_smile:


My Dad is more radio-active than your Dad.

I never thought of that. I did notice the porch lights on…and the switch is off.