My ez pure is giving me grief

My ez pure started life with the lowest tds # of 1 at 55 psi coming into the system.The tds was 448 coming in . After tests at 55 psi with tds of 448 the tds after the ro was 80 and tds after the di was 2-3. Now i went out and the psi was again at 55 and the tds was 448. Now I am at 60 tds after the ro and 12 after the di .The set up is new . I ran 3- 4 hours with it the first night and the tds was 2 . Now four days later I have the numbers from above .Any ideas?

I don’t know but I ran dual tanks di this week with tds 420 in and 0 coming out windows looked awesome

An update : at home water is 60 psi and tds 0f 440 .The water after di is tds is still around 12 . If I open the discharge valve and reduce pressure the tds goes to 7-8 . I am at a loss. Any want want to buy a new 40 ft pole and ez pure?

What kind of pole and how much?

Sounds to me like you may have a bad batch of DI resin or a maybe just a bad filter. I wouldn’t give up just yet on the EZ Pure. Many folks have them and love them. Reports on here of malfunctioning EZ Pures are far and few between here on WCR.

Call RHG first. I’m sure they will have you up and running quickly.

The pole I have is a Gardiner SLX Carbon Fiber 40’ .I am $3100 or so into this whole system and just having a pity party.I went into wfp cause the equipment rental companies in the valley have doubled their prices and there is no way to raise my rates.I am sure it will work out .I appreciate any suggestions till then. Thanks again.kevin

Now for some reason after the ro I am at 28 ish .??? but still 9 after di

Well call RHG up ASAP and see what they say. If you can’t get it back up and running before your next job then consider renting a DI tank again until you get the EZ Pure figured out.

I know it sucks to drop that kind of cash only to have problems and have to rent tanks again, but I assure that it’s worth fixing and once it’s fixed, you will be a happy camper.

But you really need to call RHG.

I do know that some of the chemicals from the manufacturing process need to flush out over time so it’s possible that your reading is from those chemicals. Are the windows spotting? I’d say talk to RHG and use the system more and see if the readings eventually come down.

When I started WFP it was only because I found a used Tucker 50’ pole and a DI tank for $200. Other wise I may have still been waiting to get into WFP. With only the DI tank, no matter how high the TDS coming in, the output was always zero with good resin. I just found out the resin does not last long with high tds and no pre filters and RO between.
So my thought is the resin is wasted since it is not reading zero.
As for the other issues I am not sure, but when I added an RO, like Tony said, at first the RO had a high TDS coming out (55 to 65 tds)until I had ran a few hundred gallons through it.
Now I have 60 psi with 200 ppm coming in the RO and 17 ppm going out to my DI, then zero going into my 125 gallon tank.
Hope this helps.

Give us a call and we will help you sort it out.

We’ll get you taken care of bud.

Shawn I will call you tomorrow thanks in advance.Water pressure 55 psi , tds at 445 . After di I was at 8-10 tds . If I allowed more water out of the relief valve I was at 3 tds but the ratio was anout 25-30% pure water to 70-75 % waste water and I would have no pressure to push water up the pole . So after this I checked the tds after the ro and it was 20 . I would think it has to be the di filter but I will find out tomorrow from the experts. I will keep posting to maybe help others.

shawn I called your office today , waiting to hear back from you.

I think I was getting channeling in my resin with 7 and 8 reading, I have an EZ. I bought another resin unit from Shawn and had more problems but when I hooked the resin up mounted vertical it was fine so now I have a polisher. I run them in series with water flowing first down and the up through the polisher. As far as RO problems I cant help you. I love the dual in line meter I bought from WCR.

Update , I have spoken to Shawn who they are both working with me to solve my problems. Kevin You have me thinking now, my unit is always horizontal and does not move out of the truck. So your theory is the di is horizontal and the water goes on top of the resign as it has settled? I wonder cause most di tanks are vertical. Kevin are you at zero now and whats your incoming tds and water pressure?

Thanks for the interest, Sedemente, since I don’t have your real name. I run lately at 55 to 65 psi generally using a Wayne pump to get to that pressure. I am now tracking my input TDS from the home and the output from the RO as these numbers over time should tell me how my RO is holding up. Yesterday I had about 220 tds coming in and don’t have the waste number handy so I won’t guess.

I am always at dead zero very fast with this set up. I love the feeling of having a polisher ( for the DI ). When cartridge one goes out you have your backup in line and ready to go. I wish I had another inline tds meter for the back of the RO.

BTW: I used to live in Las Vegas for a while renting a room on Cedar St. off Charleston Blvd. for about 4 months in the mid- 90s.

I have to say Bill has been a big help along with Shawn, they are patiently holding my hand along the way. I did try my water again and was at 2 then to zero and then back up again.I did try the system vertically and always got 0 . I need to ask Bill and Shawn about that.And I never introduced myself my name is Kevin.