My family's insurance is increasing because i was hit by a drunk

We just got the crazy news that our car insurance policy was reviewed and being increased by $400! The reason? I was in an accident in 2014. But get this: I was on my own insurance at the time and the accident was me waiting at a red light and then getting rear-ended by a drunk! The insurance won’t even let my parents take me of their policy because i live in the same house. Imo this is completely ridiculous.

Insurance companies are ridiculous! My brother-in-law called me in a panic a couple weeks ago because his house payment went up over $200. He lives with his girlfriend and their 3 year old daughter and $200 is a lot of money. I had him conference call his insurance agency (Progressive) to figure out what was going on. With no notification they increase his homeowner’s policy from $600 per year to over $1400 per year. I asked why they would have done that and they said, “Oh, well when his policy renewed we reassessed and saw that his debt to income ratio had changed.” They bought a car two years ago. So a young couple trying to make it buys a car and suddenly their homeowner’s insurance provider sees an opportunity to gouge them.

On the conference call I told my B-in-L, “Well, at least you understand the cause of the issue. Your insurance company is a predatory company. The solution is simple, you need a better insurance company.” He shopped around the next week and found a cheaper policy that he was paying before.

I was in your shoes too. When I first got out of the Navy, I lived with my parents for a couple of months while I got on my feet. I backed into a car as I was pulling out of a parking spot because the idiot tried to speed around me and I never saw him. My parent’s policy went through the roof since I was a rider on their policy. They had to change companies and my step-dad was pissed for a minute, but he got over it when he saved money anyway. Shop around.

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I had a string of tickets years back, and then a relatively small claim, and my insurance was dinging me for over 5 years for some those incidents. When I finally shopped for a commercial auto policy, the new insurer didn’t penalize me for any of those mishaps, even the accident that was less than 5 years prior.

My point is, different companies look at risk differently. And It’s a pretty dumb assesment to think you’re now a greater risk to insure because you were hit by a drunk. Switching to almost any other company should resolve the issue ::smirk:

Yup. The lady left in handcuffs while i left in an ambulance.