My first >$500 day!

I’ve been raising some capital to get my business going (buying some new equipment, marketing materials, etc.)
I had 3 jobs set up for today with some family friends out of town.

All together, I earned $810 from those jobs! My first ever day of breaking the $500 mark!!

Granted, I’m exhausted from working 9-6:30. And I don’t plan on scheduling more than 2 jobs a day once I get my business going. But still - I’m pretty stoked about that!!

Thanks to those here who posted in forums about workflow, pricing guides, and tips on equipment I wasn’t already familiar with (like bronze wool). Definitely helped me set that record!


Congrats, man!!!

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How long you been doing this?

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I’ve been window cleaning for just over 15 years (commercial, resi, storefront, WFP, basically everything but high-rise). About half of that time I was employed and doing it full-time. The other half I was doing work on the side (one job every month or so, maybe).

But now I’m gearing up to build a legit business on my own.


Cool, what’s your marketing strat?

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Congrats man!! My goal is $500 a day 4 days a week. Anything over that is money in the bank :moneybag: :moneybag:


Website, Facebook page, Google My Business, and doing door hangers. Plus little things like business cards and vehicle magnets. Considering yard signs, too.

I’ll hit a few neighborhoods with door hangers this Fall, and then go to those again in the Spring a few more times and see what happens.

I thought about EDDM, but it’s too expensive for me right now.


I think a website, Facebook page, and Google my business are the 3 best. I have had some luck on Nextdoor and would like to use that a bit more to see how I like it. Another thing I might end up doing is literally going door to door. We have some nice lake homes in my neighborhood that I want to try and get a hold of.


What’s your take on websites?

I had a web designer make mine and it’s going live soon but do you have one and find that it gets you a lot more leads? Or do customers say they booked because of your website, etc?

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So far I haven’t gone live with mine. I designed my own with Squarespace. I’m using it more for a reference point for people to learn more about what I do. I’ve thought about adding a way for clients to pay online (I have Square and Venmo connected), too.

But yeah, it’s mostly just to have an internet presence. And it allows me to put less on my marketing materials to keep them cleaner. Not sure how effective that will be, because I haven’t done it before.

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my website and gmb reviews get me the most new business consistently.

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breaking barriers is awesome, whether we are small or big. congrats

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Can you link me your site? I’ve thought about going with squarespace. I know that if some dude ever gave me his card for whatever service, the first thing I would do is google him and see if he has a webpage. I just set up my GMB. But I think a website would be cool as well, I just want to see what a squarespace site looks like.

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@BStrait Congrats on hitting this goal. You’re laying the foundation for a successful business.

For those asking about the need for a website, I had an interesting response from a person who is in my target demographic this weekend. He said having a website was the first thing he checked to ensure a person/business is legitimate and is the first decision point around if he wants to engage them about services.


Thank you!! I’m surprised by how well it’s going so far, and I haven’t even officially launched anything.

Sure! I just used a basic template and did some minor adjustments. Nothing with html or other code editing (don’t know how to do all that).

There is a slight learning curve, but some Google searches should sort out any major issues when setting it up.

I remember my 1st day breaking $500! Didn’t have a single job scheduled I was just out knocking on doors giving instant quotes and service Lol worked till dark that day but I felt empowered I could go out and make my own money without relying on anyone else!
That was over 7 years ago and still going at it. Now I shoot for $1000 days window cleaning or $2000 days doing house washing,
Keep at it!


That’s awesome!! Do you run solo, or have a crew?

We’re starting to hire and train more guys, it’s been rough this year tho. We have 4 guys currently but they’re still a little green but their getting there. hoping to start next year strong with a good trained crew!

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Best of luck with the new guys!

I’m still debating if I want to always be a solo job (until my kids get older and can work with me), or try to build more and hire people…