My first magazine ad. lol

Won this at the chamber business expo I went to. Got two calls the first day it was out. One guy looking for a job and a lady for a quote. Don’t know how I missed not putting my website on there. :smiley:

Cool simple add, hope it brings you lots of business…

why is it in Spanish?

It in a Spanish Magazine. Well some articles are in spanish and english.


What did you say in it? My spanish isn’t so hot :slight_smile:

Did you customize it for the target market?

Ad says :

Professional Window Cleaning
100% Satisfaction
and Rain Proof ( Should’ve been Rain Guarantee)

That’s awesome! I did a mag ad for trade one time … I don’t know that it worked that great, but it was fun to have. Also, don’t forget about your local newspaper. Running a little ad in there once in a while can be a great deal. I do a weekly ad (our paper is 2 times per week) for $35 bucks a pop. That’s hard to beat.

Carlos, how does the typical Latino prospect in your area differ from your average english speaking white folk?

(please excuse the generalities, I am actually sincerely asking)

If there are some differences, it would have been good to tap into them with this ad in a fun and memorable way.

To be completely honest, I do have several Hispanic customers, but I don’t advertise specifically to gain their business. They will receive promotions from me IF they fit my specific demographic profile (if that’s a real term)