My first post

Hello my name is Earl. I am starting a new window washing business this March. I hope to get some good tips.


Welcome ecamp you found the right message board for starting up a window cleaning business.
Feel free to call Alex at wcr and he will set you up with all the supplys and tools you will need to start your business.

Welcome, Read and learn. You won’t be sorry

Thanks for the welcome. I’m sure I will be asking for advice. There are not a lot of window washers in this area. I guess marketing will be the key to a successful business. I live in Loganville Georgia.

Welcome Earl! Feel free to use the search feature as well with your questions, a lot of good posts already are archived. :slight_smile:

Welcome Earl.

Welcome! You got to the right place for sure. Great people here

Welcome, Earl. You’ll be really psyched and prepared for March if you stick around!

Welcome Earl

This site is much helpful in my new window cleaning business!!!

Welcome Earl.

Welcome Earl. Do your best to have all your equipment and marketing material by March because as soon as the nice spring weather hits its money making time!

Let me know if there is anything we can do to help get you up and running.

Best of luck

Welcome Earl…

welcome aboard Earl!! Good luck!!

Welcome… Be sure to read past threads and you’ll learn so much and keep up with new threads also the best you can. New and useful information is always being brought up.

Hey Earl, welcome to WCR. This is truly the best source for window cleaning knowledge and tips. I only wish I’d found WCR before I started my business, but it didn’t exist then yet, did it? Oh well, good for you, less hard knocks to take while building your business.
So do you have any experience in window cleaning yet?

Welcome to the industry!

Hope this helps,
Get up early, work a full day, don’t over drink, wear sun screen, pay attention to the needs of your clients, shower regularly, learn to schedule, use professional grade tools, keep a positive attitude, strive for great results, set goals, spend time with your family, learn all you can about your profession, smile, always be safe, learn from your mistakes, deoderant is helpful, listen to others advice, earn a good reputation, your estimate is not a tag sale price (overly negotiable), appreciate life, and never forget where you began.

It will only get better

Hey there Earl and welcome. This is a great place to hang out and learn. Where you from?