My first shot at a compact, affordable mobile pure water machine

Ok so I decided to get into pure water cleaning recently, but needed to do this on a budget. So here is my first attempt at a compact, affordable, mobile pure water setup that would hold me off until I can afford an EZ Pure setup.

I wanted something that could easily be picked up, has wheels (mobile), could easily fit into a vehicle, be maneuverable around a customer’s property. And above all else, it needed to be reliable and inexpensive.

Enter the “Big-Woody 2-Stage Pure Water Cart” Fully assembled by hand from parts found around the house, the hardware store and the flea market…and WCR of course!

The cart’s handle collapses down to just above the DI tank and carbon filter for easy transport.

She comes with quick-connects on both ends, so there is no wasted time hooking it all up…besides having to hook up to someone’s tap of course.

The Big-Woody weighs approx 50lbs (wet), cost about $500 (DI tank= $220, fittings= $75, hand cart= $30, hoses= $150) this is minus the water fed pole of course.

The big Woody makes water that is more pure than rain water (I tested rain at 4ppm and the Big-Woody came in at 0ppm).

EDIT- the carbon filter I found at the flea market for $5…brand new.

Haha, I have te same two wheel cart. I use it to transport my regular bucket and tools around to jobs.

Hey, way to go on the pure water setup. Have you used it on a paying job yet?

Those carts are pretty slick huh?:wink: I was thinking about buying another one and doing the same thing you did!

Anyways, no not yet, I don’t have the right pole setup yet, and I’m in the middle of preparations for something big so I’ve shut down all operations for the next several weeks;)

I have more equipment on the way.

Though I have used it on my own house with awesome results. I’m in love with WFP’s now;)

Looking good woody, I just picked up the same cart too.

So do you have patents pending on this design?

Thats sick!

Good job, whatever works right?

Thanks man!

No, no patents yet…hmmm should I? :wink:

Thanks guys!:wink:

It certainly works wells, I was definitely surprised how it came together.

And it’s kind of funny too because I was so unfamiliar with pure water stuff, that when first turned it on, nothing happened, no water came out. I thought to myself, oh man what dumb thing did I over-look?

Then it occured to me to open the valve I put Right before the carbon filter. It is upside down in the pictures and so I didn’t remember it when I turned it on.

Once I opened the valve, the water started to flow and boy was I relieved. That is until I took the second water sample.

The first sample read at 209ppm (higher than I was expecting) and then I tried to sample the water after being filtered, but apparently the TDS meter had gone on the fritz because when I stuck it in the water for a reading— it didn’t do anything…just stayed at 000.

Then after much longer than it should have, it slowly dawned on me that maybe it was my brain that wasn’t working rather than the TDS meter.

Duh, of course it isn’t going to leave 000ppm, I just filtered the water!

Thank goodness it wasn’t a rocket or a bomb I was building…:wink:

Looks great Nate! Congrats.

Thanks Tony!

Is that new or used baby food under your fingernails?

I’m not sure!

I’ll have to get my weekly manicure early this week… :wink:

Nice setup, My first one was very similar, same cart, small tank but not carbon filter.

If you average TDS in around 200-250 you’ll find yourself changing resin way too often.
Get a price on a 1cu.ft tank, you pay a deposit for the tank the first time and then you just drop yours and pick up a fresh one.
I pay around $150 per tank and since the owner of the company leaves on my side of town we meet at Sam’s club parking lot and we exchange tanks there, it saves me a trip to downtown which I appreciate very much.

I might put my small tank and 25ft modded Tucker pole for sale soon.

Yeah the TDS was higher than I was expecting, but I have an ace hidden up my sleeve that will negate a 200ppm TDS level;)

Rainwater harvesting?

I think I’m getting a ‘Big Woody’ !

Anybody know what kind of carbon filter that is and where we can find it for a comparable price ?

I need a Carbon filter too, and if it can be found at $5 even better :stuck_out_tongue:

Not quite, but that is on the agenda…

I’ll have to look again but I believe it is a Culligan ten inch. I saw a very similar one but a different brand at Lowes… But it cost $65.

I just purchased a RHG Carbon Filter 10 inch at my WCRA discount!