My first storefront account!

While sitting in my dentist’s chair yesterday getting my cleaning done, I remarked at how dirty the windows were in the very nice looking establishment and how I could take care of that at a very reasonable rate. Ended up taking some pictures before I left and emailing a bid over last night.

28 windows at $2 a piece once a month. Ins and outs done bi annually. All real easy windows. I’m thinking 30-40 minutes to do just the outsides.

There’s a quick $812 boost to my annual salary.

Pays to have business cards with you at all times and jump on opportunities that present themselves.


Nice! Estimate looks good too!

Nicely done :slight_smile: I also like the way you look at in as annual income instead of “per cleaning”, that $812 bucks is a weeks pay and then some for most people. I look at it that way as well.

Off subject, but sometimes its the way that you look at the numbers that makes all the difference. For example, I have 2 small weekly storefronts right next door to each other @$10 a piece. They each take me 5 minutes or less to do. So, lets do the math…

$20 weekly x 52 weeks = 1040 annual, and also = $120 an hour actually cleaning.
Even if you factor in drive time from my house, 10 minutes, it still rounds out to about
$60 an hour. much better than what I was making 2 months ago this time lol

You’ll also find that after the initial cleaning (always a pain in the rear, but I don’t charge extra unless they’re a major mess), you’ll be blasting through that job faster and faster every time :slight_smile:

That is a good way to look at things ninja

Thats me, always lookin at the bright side :slight_smile:


I never quote a per pane price. I keep it simple with a single price (for “…all exterior window and door glass surfaces…” for example.)

That would also make all the pix unnecessary (might make more sense for those high $ residential occasions, or where windows need to be omitted for some reason.)