My first unhappy customer

I screwed up. For the month of August, I found business growing incredibly fast. I had a couple big jobs take a little longer than anticipated…one due to my miscalculation and one due to a temp agency falling through with help I hired.

Plus I have been stressed getting prepared to travel to the Philippines for my wedding. There’s a lot of things required and it’s. even stressful to say the least!

So basically, I got behind and ended up having 3 accounts miss service for the month. These are 20 and 30 dollar accounts I made a mistake. Should have called them right when I knew I was gonna miss service. I have been in touch with them since I arrived in the Philippines and two of the three said he no problem. Enjoy your wedding and see you when you get back.

But the one. A 20 dollar account The guy went nuts on me . Demanding service this wee and telling me he was pissed cause now he has to do them himself this month. Now, he’s been doing them himself for about a year before I came along. And he’s been a great guy. Friendly and complimentary on my work. Now… he demands that I be there this week or else…being a real jerk about it too. I’m afraid now that he will blast me on my Facebook page. He said. I know you’re getting bigger jobs and I’m happy for you, but if you don’t have time for me, the little guy, then just tell me…I value his buiness and I did make a mistake in the lack of communication. But that was kind of a slap toward me. I emailed him and apologized told him someone would be there when I got back on the 21st but then he demanded service this week…

What the hell do I do? I know I screwed up. But this guy is really making it out to be like he has already paid me and I never showed up. Good grief. He pays me 20 bucks after a complete each job! Never ahead of time.

Now here I am. In the Philippines with my amazing wife to be…stressing over. 20 dollar account.!i know this might be rambling but it’s really bugging me. I’ve never had anyone unhappy with me until now.

What would you guys and ladies do?

Where is your business? If you were in My neck of the woods, I’d cover you.


You win some, you lose some. As you get bigger you’ll lose accounts, but as long as you’re ahead of the game and drumming up business you’ll be ok.


I wouldnt worry about it. Drop the little guy(s) and move on.


Be like, sorry man, I couldn’t manage to pull off servicing your shop between the booming business and my marriage. If you’re willing to wait til I get home, I’ll bump you up in priority. If not, I understand.

Let him weed himself out of your client list. You don’t need whiny complainers anyway. Trust me.


I think that’s exactly what I will tell him. My fear is he belongs to a business networking group. He’s invited me to join but I haven’t had time to attend a meeting. I’m afraid he’s gonna bad mouth me. But maybe I’m worrying too much about that. I can easily defend my position. And I have had much larger and lucrative accounts who have been very happy with my work and have talked so good about me that it’s gained additional business. So maybe I worry about what one person can do to affect my good name too much

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New York. Elmira area. The funny thing is though. I’ve been able to make arrangements and accommodate everyone. No one has had an issue except this guy. I was working 7 days a week most of the month to accommodate everyone. I just fell a little short and he was the only one who got all dramatic lol.

Don’t worry, he’ll forget all about it. Break up with him on the day after his next meeting. By the time the next one rolls around he’ll be talking about his business and not yours.

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Tell him I’m sorry, I’m getting married and you’ll probably need to find another window cleaner if you need service this week.

$20 isn’t worth worrying about. Period.

He bad mouths you then you just respond with the truth that this guy is an asshat for not wanting you to get married.

But he’d be on my list to drop asap.


Wait! That’s his whole problem. This whiner’s business ISN’T booming. All the sudden it’s “I helped you get started, and now I’m the little guy” He’s jealous bro just ditch him.


I’ll repeat the first piece of advice I got. Expand the top and dissolve the bottom when it comes to price. He is at the bottom, either raise his price or don’t sweat moving on. Fill your time with better accounts.


I like that piece of advice. Spot on!

Couldnt have said it better, man that was a good one bro! Lol

Not only this, but your in the Philippines, on vacation, about to get married. Why talk to us?


Good point. But this place has always been my go to for great advice. I would have let it eat at me… so I decided to drop in for a visit lol


hes fretting cos up till now hes had you eating out of his hand. and was likely getting ready to milk you at the business group. now it looks like youre holding out on him. i think id drop him from the round.

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so everyone says drop him, how do you drop a customer without lying?

Just don’t go back. Fair enough you should have told him that you would miss him this clean but if you put yourself down over a 20 doller account just wait till you lose big clients over something you couldn’t control.

Inform him - after trying to appease - by saying “I’m not the window cleaner for you.” And don’t look back.

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Mark if your still reading this thread…STOP!

Enjoy your time with your new partner in life. Make forever memories!