My Flyer

Hi folks, attached is an image of the flyer that I plan on passing out this weekend. I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts and opinions on it. How does it look? Is there anything I should remove? Anything I should include? Move around…whatever you think would make it a more successful flyer. I’ve learned through research on this site that while the amount of flyers that you pass out, and it’s quality are important, to have a successful flyer you must focus on what is actually presented to your customer, and that’s why I am asking for a little help. (Can you tell this my first time?)

Also, any tips and advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Generally flyers have some sort of an offer and a call to action, meaning call now or miss out on the deal. Like $199 for 20 windows. This offer expires on 5/30/2013. Or something like that. Yours just tells them you are in business. People need a reason to call you. My opinion.

Hmm okay. That makes sense! Thanks, Phil!

Agree with the Pman
There are a lot of window cleaners around. Why should they call you?
Give them a reason
Google " how to write a flier"
If your in a rush just a special to them on it