My google adwords don't show up at all

hey guys how do google adwords even work?
I filled in all the info etc, made an ad put in $10 a day budget and it’s been active since april 14 and it still doesn’t show up in any search I do.

what the heck am I doing wrong?

here are my keywords,
window cleaning
window cleaning in cincinnati
window washer
Gutter cleaner
gutter cleaner cincinnati
awning cleaner
awning cleaner cincinnati

but any search for these doesn’t yeild any of my ads.
My website isn’t showing up either. even though I have their seo code in etc.

this stuff is kind of annoying lol. I miss the old days when you search for things, they show up. now it seems like unless someone is paying google, you’re lost on the interwebs.

You’re in 10th position (on the side) for “Window Cleaning Cincinnati” minus the word “in.”

I would create a separate campaign for gutter cleaning, as you will run into relevancy issues… which drive up the cost of your bids.

I would also suggest running a couple of different ads for each campaign. That will help you see which ones are the most effective.

Oh, and if you haven’t done so already… use negative keywords!
The last thing you need is someone searching for “window cleaning JOBS” or “window cleaning SOAP” and clicking on your paid ad.

I was wondering what neg keywords ment. yeah that makes sense.

maybe it’s just me but I don’t see anything. at least I know it’s there if you see it.

*edit…interesting…I see it now.
I will check again in the afternoon hours. I didn’t see it yesterday when I made this post.