My introduction

Hello everyone!

My name is Gene (aka Gholt71). 10+ yrs of my background is in residential construction warranty service. After getting caught up in lay offs in 2008 I started doing handy man work on the side. May 2010 I left my full time job to focus on my business. Friends of mine (that make their living house cleaning) too busy to take on additional work contacted me to do a window clean. It was a job well within my ability so naturally I took it. Now they refer all their window cleans to me.:smiley: Before then I really had no idea how profitable & rewarding window cleaning could be. In an effort to be more efficient and professional :cool: I stumbled across WCR. Below is a list of what I’m working with and looking for. Any feed back or direction to resources will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Currently I just have a basic setup.
]Microfiber Towels
[]Window Cleaner
[]Spray Bottle

My intentions with WCR…
[]get higher quality equipment since my only option at the time was to buy at Home Depot.
]find ways to be more productive
[]is RO/DI right for me
]expand my knowledge
[*]resource to build a business that can support the family for generations (if they choose)

Welcome Gene.

If you can’t get that help here, you can’t get it anywhere! Welcome.

Welcome, You’ve come to the right place. Plenty of great advice here.

Gene welcome aboard to the greatest window cleaning forum

Welcome Gene, I take it you are an industrious guy. Put that effort into searching everything you can think of here in the WCR archives alnd you’ll come up with a ton of helpful info.

Welcome… :slight_smile:

And what Shawn said…

Thank you all for the warm welcome!

What little I have searched I am finding the site quite valuable!

Cant wait to get a WFP! Being a tool guy, how could I go without!!