My long, stiff pole

I bought an nLite Hybrid pole a few weeks ago.

I absolutely LOVE it, but I still haven’t figured out how to make the sections slide into each other without it being a struggle.

I’ve loosened the tension nuts, but it doesn’t affect the ability to slide noticably enough to make a difference.

Is there something I’m missing here?

… Astroglide my friend…

All this talk about sliding in, nuts and stiffness…I’m out!

Funny… jerk lol

Seriously tho…

Is that Mrs. Window? :slight_smile:

I remember someone else complaing about that. Don’t remember where but your not the only one.

with my nlite I have the same problem with the first or second(can’t recall at the moment) section as well. But other than that… I absolutely love using this pole.

I suppose that could be a benefit. Smashing sections on to clamps seems to be a problem with a few other poles. I have used “sex wax” for surf boards in the past but didn’t see that much of a difference to carry on using it on wfp’s. It may work on the Unger, best to get Ungers attention either here or directly to see if there’s a knack?


I’ve had my nLite since May. It’s got one section that’s harder to slide in and out than the others. It’s gotten better over time. I believe the more you use the pole, it will work itself out.

I’ve got the opposite problem with a premium pole I bought last year. Clamps started out great, and are now a struggle to keep them tight. My guy has been using that pole for several days while the 2 of us work on a hospital. He’s had that pole’s sections collapse on him several times. He has to tighten those clamps several times a day, and they still come loose.

Obviously nobody wants any problems with tight or loose clamps. But, between the 2, I’d rather have my pole tight than loose and collapsing.

I’ve got a couple ideas, but I want to try them on my tight section first before I recommend them to you.


I still recommend allowing the tightness to work itself out as you use the pole more. However, there is something you can try. I’m an Unger rep, and a WCR rep, but what I’m about to suggest is NOT officially endorsed or suggested by either company. I wouldn’t suggest it if I didn’t think it were ok to do, but please just take this as a suggestion from one window cleaner to another window cleaner, rather than a “what to do” from a company rep.

Try loosening the screws that hold the clamp onto the pole. Don’t loosen them a bunch, but just a little. This would be the screws that have the Allen wrench heads.

Be advised though that I can’t say one way or another how this will affect the clamp over time.

Again, just from one window cleaner to another…

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