My New 2008 Sprinter

2008 Sprinter

Purchased this about a month ago. I do not have it setup inside yet. I do use it for some estimates and some window cleaning jobs. I do more than just window cleaning so a couple motors/pumps, tanks, hose reels are going to be installed after I put in the headache wall.

It’s real nice to drive, I just wish it was done already. I do not think at this time I am going to install ladder racks. The only one I liked was electric and about $3500. So the 32ft will not fit, but for most of my jobs this will work out just fine. Lots O space in this thing! I wanted the writing to blend in to the picture not stand out.


Ok the wrap didnt work out. The ledge created sticker pull back even with glue. They could not get it right, so I had them rip it all off and go with something simple. No ladder rack, I have a place for the ladder inside. I have since had a cargo wall installed, a rack built for 2 machines, there are 3 tanks 2 chemical and 1 pure water. WFP is a Gardiner SLX and pressurized with a 60psi shurflo which works great. The floor was ripped out and rhino liner was sprayed in. I am able to fit a 32ft ladder inside, but rarely use it.


Congrats! Nice ride!

Have you looked to INLAD Truck & Van Equipment Company/U.S. UPFITTERS or [URL=“”]American Van for Sprinter-specific accessories?

Thats one sweet van.

that is one sweet a$$ ride.

What does that thing go for in US dollars???

nice…is there any advertising on the other side???

I have looked into a couple outfitters, but with all the stuff I have to mount inside, I am not sure how I would fit the shelving. It is still in the planning stages so far. You can find the vans for mid 40’s or so depending on what you have as far as options. The wrap does go all the way around the van. I just washed it today, man that took a while.

So far I know I am getting a partition wall installed, a rubber floor mat and some hangers. It is funny to watch people reactions around town when I drive by. Which is the reaction I was going for. It is a bit hard to read if you are driving by, but sitting in traffic it is fine, everything is at eye level.

If you are considering putting a pure water system or tanks inside, you may also want to consider putting a lining in the van. Like line-x or similar. It would protect the floor from the water. Water can pull and settle under the rubber mats and cause rust.

Just my 2 cents.

Awesome looking ride! I looked into buying a Sprinter before I got my Chevy Express. I just couldn’t justify spending the extra 10g’s for the Sprinter. Looks great!

Great idea. I wish I thought of that when I bought my van. I may do that in the future though.

What did the graphics run?

Wow, Pretty Sweet!

I think the wheels look a little out of place tho.

do you do window cleaning? I can’t tell by what I am seeing

not much to say what your servieces are…I see some writing on the bottom, but I can’t tell.

Yes, we do window cleaning. Services are listed at eye level with car traffic sitting at a light it is clearly visible. I did not want the writing to overpower the picture, I wanted it to blend in.

a mistake is to think that the picture is meaningful… unless you are selling that house, it is not.

In my opinion I would never guess that image had anything to do with your service. Maybe remodeling or roofing. The services almost blend into the colors and it is a little hard to read. The name tells nothing.

It does look good, just hard to easily identify. ([B]for me[/B])

I am not ripping it, I just can’t help notice the lack of marketing value because I am afflicted with marketing fever :smiley:

I just did a quick look at it again. I would guess irrigation if I did a quick look on the road at the image and name.

I could be one in a million though…

The Sprinter is actually made in Germany by Mercedes. When they come in on the ships in Charleston SC they pull all the Mercedes emblems off. Many people put the Mercedes emblems back on them as you may have seen. The great part about the Sprinter is the engine. From 2003 till 2007 models have the 5cyl inline deisel. It get around 24-27 mpg. Then Dodge screwed it up and started putting a V-6 in 2008 and killed the good gas mileage. Typical of US car manufactors. Something about EPA and goverment crap. Mercedes has the best deisel engine and the 5cyl has been around for years in the 300 series.
The only problems that the Sprinter has is the brakes wear out fast.
It is the service van of choice by most companies. JRC uses one for the Window Wagon.

I have the Mercedes Vito - good engine, but I can’t go over the top about the rest. I got it for looks not for performance, but found it out performs many other vehicles. Saying that - its just been recalled for spare wheel fitting failure :mad:

I am getting 19mpg city, 23 hwy.

I really like the van. I would like to look into these for the future. Only thing is you said that you can’t fit your 32 foot ladder on there. I would have to be able to carry a 32 foot and possibly a 40 foot ladder. Also, it looks like it would be impossible to get a ladder off of the top of that thing.