My New Best Friends: USPS Bulk Mail Department


I am excited for ya Seth!

This method is the best (cost-wise) when it comes to mass ‘cold mailings’

Make sure the offer is good :wink:

Damn Straight.

So by .28 you mean .28 plus the cost to make the flyer? Or does that include everything?

Hey Seth. I have the paperwork for that permit, but haven’t taken it in to pay and get started. That’s the 15.5 cent rate, correct?

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dan did that graphic help?

I’ve never seen that Seth. Is that straight from USPS?

It looks to be made with Seth’s mad photoshop skills

Thanks for posting that, hard [I]not[/I] to understand that way

Taylon = Mad gives me too much credit for my “skillz”

Also, no problem I just figured some people see things better visually, like myself.

So what is the start up costs involved with that permit? I’m just curious as to what point in my consistent flier passing that I should make the switch from door to door fliers (that I get printed and delivered for 11.5 cents per piece) and go to the big post cards through the bulk mail? I would assume i would have to be doing x number of fliers per month to even make it worth? right?

Oh yeah also I would love to see your response rate on that mailer!